IPHI Welcomes Dr. Crystal Pirtle Tyler as Our New CEO

IPHI invites you to welcome Dr. Crystal Pirtle Tyler as our new CEO, starting on April 22. Crystal is a leader who is deeply passionate about IPHI’s mission, advancing health justice and strengthening public health policy and systems to improve health outcomes for the people and communities we serve. Learn more.

9 Illinois Community Organizations Receive Funding to Address Diabetes in Cook County

The Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) announced today that it is funding nine Cook County-based community organizations to address type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. One in every three adults living in the United States has prediabetes and approximately 10% of adults in Cook County have type 2 diabetes Some communities, especially in south and west suburban Cook County and the south and west sides of Chicago, have diabetes rates nearing 20%.  Learn how CARES Cook County is supporting community-based organizations in addressing diabetes prevention and management. 


Illinois Public Health Institute Welcomes Crystal Pirtle Tyler, Ph.D., MPH, as New CEO – Letter from the Board of Directors

The Illinois Public Health Institute’s Search Committee and the Board of Directors are delighted to announce the selection of health equity leader Crystal Pirtle Tyler PhD, MPH, as IPHI’s new Chief Executive Officer, effective April 22, 2024. Learn more.

Lake Michigan School Food System Innovation Hub Launches in Midwest to Fuel Change for Region’s School Food System

Funded by the USDA and convened by the Illinois Public Health Institute, the Lake Michigan School Food Innovation Hub is a new grant-making initiative will support innovative ideas, both large and small, that contribute to a more local, nourishing and culturally relevant school food system.   Learn more.

ISPAN Success Stories: How Local Efforts Transformed the Built Environment to Promote Physical Activity

This article outlines types of local efforts implemented under ISPAN which help transform the built environment to promote physical activity. Learn more.

Community Organizations Receive Funds to Plan for Medical Respite Care Programs

The Illinois Public Health Institute will help increase access to medical respite care services for people experiencing homelessness. This initial phase of the program is slated to run through June 2023; and will support agencies to bring together partners and develop a plan for medical respite in the communities they serve. Learn more.

Chicago CARES Success Stories: Building Community and Skills for a Long-Term Lifestyle Change to Avoid Type 2 Diabetes

The Illinois Public Health Institute helps to administer the National Diabetes Prevention Program, or NDPP, in Chicago communities. The program tries to raise awareness of the existence of prediabetes, and it tries to reduce diabetes disparities through community providers. To date, 12 providers have been funded to deliver the NDPP, and IPHI has helped over 700 community members to achieve their goals. Learn more.

USDA Awards $16 Million to the Illinois Public Health Institute and Partners to Improve Access to Nutritious, Locally Grown, and Culturally Relevant Foods for Children

The award will help to establish the Innovation Hub, which will make grants to schools and food system collaborations in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Northern Indiana. The Innovation Hub will offer technical assistance to help small and emerging farmers increase and shift their production to accommodate school districts’ food needs, and to school districts on how to develop procurement relationships with local food producers. Learn more.

ISPAN Success Stories: Four Diverse Approaches to Breastfeeding

This article outlines a multitude of approaches implemented under ISPAN that, when considered collectively, are designed to move the needle on supporting chest/breastfeeding equity. Learn more.

New Publication: Creating a Culture of Breastfeeding Support and Continuity of Care in Central Illinos

The recently published “Creating a Culture of Breastfeeding Support and Continuity of Care in Central Illinois” describes a successful adaptation of the Collective Impact Model to improve continuity of care and community support for breast/chestfeeding in Central Illinois. Learn more.

IPHI welcomes Gatanya Arnic as its new Chief Operating Officer

The Illinois Public Health Institute is thrilled to announce that Gatanya Arnic will be joining IPHI as our new, and first, chief operating officer. She will play a leading role in IPHI’s strategic planning and implementation and will be a core member of IPHI’s leadership team. Learn more.

DASH Releases Publication on Successful Mentor Program

We are excited to announce the latest publication of Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) titled Interconnected: Data, Knowledge, and Action for Community Health. The publication details the important data-sharing work from the first two funding rounds of DASH’s Mentor Program. Learn more.

IPHI welcomes Andras Ferencz as its new Communications Manager

The Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) is pleased to announce Andras Ferencz as the new Communications Manager of IPHI’s Communications Department. In this new leadership role, Ferencz will play a dynamic part in managing: marketing strategies, brand development and other core strategic initiatives. Learn more.

IPHI notes 20th Anniversary with Special New Year’s Wishes to Partners Throughout the Years 

“This year marked the Illinois Public Health Institute’s 20th anniversary — twenty years of advancing health, health equity, and quality of life for people and communities across our state and the nation through policy and partnerships, systems change initiatives, and health information sharing. A milestone achievement of this nature is not possible without the dedicated commitment and support of each one of you. Collaborations, partnerships, and shared purpose continue to be a key to our success for these last two decades and beyond” wrote Elissa Bassler, IPHI Chief Executive Officer, in a December 23, 2021 email to staff, partners, board members, and friends of the organization. Learn more.


IPHI welcomes Waldo Mikels-Carrasco to lead Center for Health Information Sharing and Innovation (CHISI)

The Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) is pleased to announce Waldo Mikels-Carrasco as the Director of the Center for Health Information Sharing and Innovation (CHISI) and newest team member. He will also serve as the Co-director of Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH), a national initiative supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), which IPHI leads in partnership with its Michigan counterpart, MPHI.

In his primary role as the Director of CHISI, he will work alongside the IPHI senior leaders and teams to foster the organization’s strategic growth in public health leadership, partnerships, data sharing, multi-sector collaborations, and collaborative learning. Learn more.

Janna Simon tapped to lead IPHI’s Center for Policy and Partnership Initiatives (CPPI)

The Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) is pleased to announce Janna Simon, MPH has been named the Director of the Center for Policy and Partnership Initiatives (CPPI).

In this new  leadership role, Simon will play a part in the continuation of IPHI’s  strategic growth throughout the past few years as a leading organization advancing health equity in  three core areas for learning, action, and collaboration: the Center for Community Capacity Development (CCCD), the Center for Health Information Sharing and Innovation (CHISI), and the Center for Policy and Partnership Initiatives (CPPI). Learn more.


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