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All In Publication: Lessons From the First Wave
Health Care and Food Partnership Case Study

This Alliance for Health Equity case study highlights the VeggieRX program and partnership between Windy City Harvest, Lawndale Christian Health Center, Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion, Proviso Partners for Health, and PCC Wellness Center.

Illinois COVID-19 Response in Homeless Shelters

This resource provides information for homeless response networks on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate the impacts of the pandemic on homeless and housing insecure populations.

Health Care: Unlocking the Value of Data Sharing

This paper provides guidance for those in non-health care sectors (e.g. housing, social services, community-based organizations) on effectively engaging and advancing conversations with health care stakeholders about sharing data.

Landscape Analysis for Housing and Health Initiatives in Chicago/Cook County

A landscape analysis that identified existing and potential partnerships in Chicago and Suburban Cook County, challenges that prevent deeper collaborations, and opportunities for enhanced collaboration around health and housing.

ISPAN Two-Pager Year 2

This describes the Illinois State Physical Activity and Nutrition program and year 2 activities.

Challenging Cultural Barriers and Creating a More Supportive Society: Findings on Breastfeeding from Focus Groups with Moms Across Illinois

The Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) and the Illinois State Physical Activity and Nutrition (ISPAN) program partners held focus groups with women in Champaign County, Chicago, Jackson County, and Peoria, Illinois, in 2019 to help inform strategy development for the ISPAN breastfeeding initiative. The focus groups convened moms from low-income and rural communities, and communities […]

2019 Community Health Needs Assessment for Chicago and Suburban Cook County

In 2019, the Alliance for Health Equity completed a collaborative Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) for Chicago and Suburban Cook County. The report builds on the previous assessments and allows partners to identify strategic priorities that they can collectively address to improve community health.

Enhanced Physical Education Overview & Testimonials

In 2019, IPHI gathered testimonials from physical education champions across Illinois around the importance of providing high-quality physical education to all students at recommended levels (150 minutes/week for elementary students and 225 minutes/week for secondary students).

Community Health Needs Assessment Community Input Survey Report 2019

The purpose of the community input survey was to understand the community health needs and assets from the community residents. The community input surveys, along with focus group data, informed the priority areas and strategies for community health improvement in Chicago and suburban Cook County.

Community Health Needs Assessment Focus Group Report 2019

Between August 2018 and February 2019, the Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) worked with Alliance for Health Equity partners to hold a total of 57 focus groups with priority populations such as veterans, individuals living with mental illness, communities of color, older adults, caregivers, teens and young adults, LGBTQ+ community members, adults and teens experiencing […]

2019 Hospital Opioid Treatment and Response Learning Collaborative and Demonstration Project Evaluation Report

The goal of the Hospital Opioid Treatment and Response (HOTR) Learning Collaborative was to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and support hospitals in moving toward initiation of medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD), naloxone prescribing/distribution, and/or linkage to community-based addiction treatment from emergency department and inpatient hospital settings. This project evaluation report lays out the key findings […]

2019-2023 IPHI Policy Platform: Promoting Cross-Sector Partnership and Systems Change to Ensure Health and Health Equity in Illinois

IPHI released a 5-year policy platform to improve the public health system and promote health and health equity in Illinois.

Health Care Data 101

The DASH National Program Office developed this informational guide to provide an overview of common terms used when discussing health care data to promote a shared vocabulary across sectors.

Advancing Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Programs: Building a Third-Party Organization to Support Managed Care Coverage of Services in Community-Based Organizations in Illinois.

As part of the Bridging to Preventive Care initiative, this concept paper describes a model in which community-based organizations and Medicaid managed care organizations could more efficiently connect to refer clients to needed community-based programs and ensure proper billing/payment processes, data/IT infrastructure, and legal/technical expertise are in place.