Illinois Public Health Institute develops policy platforms from the ground up.
IPHI acts as a convener, community facilitator, and health advocate with a proven track record for leveraging the experience and expertise of our local and state initiatives to inform policy strategy. From advocacy around nutrition and physical activity to a non-partisan assessment of the health implications of legalizing marijuana, IPHI is a go-to resource to provide thoughtful, grounded, community-centric policy analysis.

IPHI Policy Platform

IPHI’s 2019-2023 Policy Platform reflects IPHI’s commitment to multi-sector partnerships to promote health.

Nutrition & Physical Activity Policy

As convener of the Illinois Alliance to Promote Opportunities for Health, IPHI advocates for policies and systems changes that support equitable and just opportunities for Illinoisans to eat healthy and be physically active to optimize their health and well-being.

Community-Centric Policy Analysis

IPHI looks at health implications across sectors while offering an on-the-ground, real world perspective.