Our Work

Signature Programs

Data Across Sectors for Health

Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) addresses social determinants of health in housing, social service, criminal justice, transportation and other sectors not conventionally associated with health through data-sharing collaborations.
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Illinois State Physical Activity & Nutrition Program

Illinois State Physical Activity and Nutrition Program (ISPAN) is an initiative to implement physical activity and nutrition interventions for Illinoisans—especially in low income, communities of color, and rural communities—to live the healthiest lives possible.
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Illinois Alliance to Promote Opportunities for Health

The Illinois Alliance to Promote Opportunities for Health (IAPOH), a coalition of stakeholders working to address the statewide obesity epidemic, designs solutions to reverse these trends.
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Alliance for Health Equity

The Alliance for Health Equity , one of the largest collaborative hospital-community partnerships in the country, is dedicated to improving population and community health in Chicago and Cook County through promoting health equity, capacity building, systems change, and policy advocacy.
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CARES Cook County: Diabetes Prevention and Management

The Cook County Collaboration to Advance Reach, Equity, and Systems (CARES Cook County) to Prevent Diabetes is advancing a range of solutions to help prevent diabetes among people in Chicago neighborhoods with the greatest health disparities.
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Lake Michigan School Food System Innovation Hub

The Lake Michigan School Food System Innovation Hub funds community-driven collaborations that reimagine school meals.

Applications are open through April 30, 2024.

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Our Policy


Illinois Public Health Institute develops policy platforms from the ground up.

IPHI acts as conveners, community facilitators, and health advocates with a proven track record for leveraging the experience and expertise of our local and state initiatives to inform policy strategy. From advocacy around nutrition and physical activity to a non-partisan assessment of the health implications of legalizing marijuana, IPHI is a go-to resource to provide thoughtful, grounded, community-centric policy analysis.

IPHI Policy Platform

IPHI’s 2019-2023 Policy Platform reflects IPHI’s commitment to multi-sector partnerships to promote health.

Nutrition & Physical Activity Policy

As convener of the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity, IPHI advocates for policies and systems changes that support equitable and just opportunities for Illinoisans to eat healthy and be physically active to optimize their health and well-being.

Community-Centric Policy Analysis

IPHI looks at health implications across sectors while offering an on-the-ground, real world perspective.



Training & Webinars

IPHI operates a multi-dimensional effort to build capacity for effective community health systems. Offering a range of services to meet diverse learning needs from classroom-based training workshops to podcasts and webinars, IPHI works collaboratively to design and deliver training to meet your unique learning objectives. 

Technical Assistance

IPHI provides technical assistance on a variety of topics, including strategic planning, community health assessment and planning (CHA/CHIP), public health accreditation, quality improvement, health impact assessment and health in all policies, and more.

Learning Collaboratives

IPHI brings together multi-sector stakeholders that are innovating to advance health and health equity using a range of approaches including learning collaboratives, communities of practice, implementation science, and quality improvement.

Multi-Sector Partnership Development

IPHI is a boundary spanning leader working across diverse sectors to convene deep partnerships to address inequities and improve health and quality of life. Using health as a center point for multi-sector coalitions, collaborations, and partnerships, IPHI helps move the needle on a wide range of issues including housing insecurity, food insecurity, community development, racial inequities, transportation, and more.   

Funding & Support

IPHI works with government, philanthropic, and civic partners to support funding, and capacity for local collaborations across Illinois and across the country. Currently, IPHI works with both the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to support funding to local partners and collaborations through the DASH, ISPAN, and Chicago CARES initiatives.

Meeting and Events – Convening, Meeting Design, Facilitation, Action

IPHI are expert conveners at bringing together key stakeholders, decision makers, influencers, and people with lived experience around a proposed policy change, system design, or knowledge sharing event.