Illinois Alliance to Promote Opportunities for Health

The Illinois Alliance to Promote Opportunities for Health (IAPOH) is a multi-sector coalition that impacts local and state-level policy, increases capacity of community-based organizations, and bridges communities working together to address nutrition, physical activity, and chronic health conditions in Illinois.  

Purpose Statement

See why and how we work together on policy and systems change

IAPOH Strategic Framework

Stakeholders across Illinois developed a strategic framework to guide the work from 2023- 2026.

Leadership and Action Committees

How we accomplish our goals together.


IAPOH Policy & Legislative Initiatives

IAPOH's 2024 Policy Agenda

Learn more about IAPOH’s 2024 policy and legislative priorities. 

Healthy School Meals For All

IAPOH supports ensuring all Illinois schools are hunger free, and our kids can all grow, learn and thrive. Public Act 103-0532 created free school meals for all children, and now we’re advocating that the Illinois General Assembly funds this critical program.

Healthy Children’s Meal Beverages

A new law that helps support parents’ choices in providing healthful beverages to their children

Past IAPO Advocacy Initiatives

Learn about previous IAPO policy and legislative initiatives.

Enhanced Physical Education

Strong Academics. Healthy Habits. Enhanced Social-Emotional Skills. These are the keys to success for our students, both inside and outside of the classroom. They are the tools we strive to give our children every day. They are the foundation for a successful future. And they can all be fostered in one class — physical education.

About Enhanced P.E. in Illinois

 Learn more about the journey to enhance P.E.

Enhanced P.E. Webinars

View recent and past recorded webinars IPHI has hosted on enhanced P.E.

P.E. Fact Sheets, Reports & Case Studies

Read the Enhance P.E. Task Force reports, case studies of enhanced P.E., and more!

Learn More & Connect

To learn more about IAPOH, please contact Janna Simon, Director of the Center for Policy & Partnership Initiatives at 312-786-5365.

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