P.E. and School Health Webinars

Webinars are organized by topic. 


  • 1 CPDU is available for certain webinars (noted below). To redeem a CPDU, contact Sarah Chusid, Physical Activity Manager, to receive the required documentation and instructions for CPDU redemption.

Enhanced P.E.

Enhancing P.E. in Illinois: Updates, Next Steps and a Success Story

Description: The webinar provided an overview of enhanced P.E. & the return on investment associated with implementing enhanced PE and new P.E. requirements. It also provided implementation guidance and shared the success story of Berwyn South School District 100. One CDPU available.

Originally recorded: 09/09/2017


Enhanced P.E.: Making the Connection Between Physical Activity, Learning, Behavior & Health

Description: This 1-hour webinar featured members of the Enhance P.E. Taskforce, including the State Superintendent of Education and representatives from the Illinois Association of School Administrators, the Illinois Principals Association, and Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (IAHPERD). Intended for superintendents, principals, school board members, and other school officials looking to improve student health and academic achievement, the webinar shared the neuroscience research demonstrating a connection between P.E./ physical activity and academic achievement, behavior and conduct, and health; described how schools benefit from the allocation of dollars and time for P.E. and physical activity during the school day (the return on investment); and provided practical steps schools can take to enhance P.E./physical activity immediately, such as encouraging more rigorous physical activity during existing P.E. and other movement time (e.g., recess). 

Originally recorded: 07/16/13


Exercise Your Mind: Collaborating to Enhance Physical Education in Illinois Schools

Description: This 1.5-hour webinar provides an overview of the goals and strategies of the Illinois Enhanced P.E. strategic Plan, published in June 2012. It also describes how P.E. has been redefined in recent years and practical ways in which this “new” P.E. can be implemented. The presenters share research demonstrating the link between physical activity and improved academic performance. Resources and tools for working with your school and community to support these changes were also provided. 

Originally recorded: 06/01/2012


Implementing Illinois’ Revised State Learning Standards and Fitness Testing

Fitness Assessments in Illinois – Tools, Resources, and Information You Need

Description: A webinar to help P.E. teachers administer the required fitness assessments accurately and with fidelity to the Fitnessgram protocols, and to use assessment data to improve P.E. programming. It also provided ways administrators can support fitness testing and communicate with their communities about the value of fitness assessments.

Originally recorded: 01/31/2017


Enhancing P.E. in Illinois: Tips for Implementing the New Learning Standards for Physical Development and Health

Description: This webinar provided tips for implementing the newly revised State Learning Standards on Physical Development and Health in the schools and classrooms across the state.

Originally recorded: 10/09/2014


Intro to Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum Development

Description: Part 1 of 2 (part 2 is directly below). This webinar helped P.E. teachers and curriculum staff understand the revised State Learning Standards on Physical Development and Health and align their school/district P.E. curriculum to the standards. One CDPU available.

Originally recorded: 02/13/19


Pump Up P.E.: Designing Learning Activities to Achieve Student Outcomes

Description: Part 2 of 2 (see above). This webinar provided information on how to use backward design to align P.E. curriculum to the revised State Learning Standards on Physical Development and Health (SLS). Participants had opportunities to learn and reflect on how to develop assessments aligned with the SLS and desired student outcomes, and design P.E. learning activities to achieve student outcomes. One CDPU available.

Originally recorded: 03/05/2019


New Laws & Standards to Pump Up P.E. in Illinois 

Description: This webinar was targeted to school superintendents, administrators, principals, curriculum staff and physical educators and explained the “Enhanced Physical Education” intervention, provided information on the new P.E. developments/requirements for schools in IL, as well implementation guidance. This webinar featured an opening call to action from Jean Sophie, Superintendent of Schools, Lake Bluff School District 65 and a presentation by Marcey Siegel, Pump Up P.E. Teacher Trainer and Adjunct Instructor/University Supervisor, Benedictine University.

Originally recorded: 06/08/2016

Overcoming challenges to P.E. Best Practice Implementation


Exploring the benefits of and concrete strategies for supporting student health, fitness and academic achievement

Description: District Superintendents and school Principals are in a position to prioritize student wellness and foster school environments that support health. Nutrition, physical activity and fitness are associated with improved academic, health and behavioral outcomes among students, but many Illinois districts face challenges in implementing high-quality school health programming. This webinar featured case studies of districts and schools across Illinois that are addressing these challenges – from small practical changes that maximize movement opportunities to innovative budgeting/staffing strategies to increase physical education time or create cultures of wellness. Participants left with practical ideas for supporting student health and strengthening school health programming back in your districts! One CPDU available.

Originally recorded: 11/04/2019


Dropping the ball on daily P.E.? Get rolling with tips & tricks to creatively fit high-quality daily P.E. into the school day for ALL students

Description: A webinar that provided tools and resources to help support daily P.E. programs, and stories from the field on ways to overcome perceived challenges and barriers to implementing daily P.E. One CPDU available.

Originally recorded: 01/24/18


Parent Engagement


Pump Up P.E.: Ways to Effectively Engage Parents

Description: A webinar on how P.E. teachers can better engage parents as champions of physical education and school health. Hosted by the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity’s workgroup on Childhood Nutrition & Physical Activity in Educational Settings, this webinar featured P.E. teachers, school leaders, physicians, and a parent who have all worked to promote physical education and community health in partnership with schools. Participants learned practical strategies for when and how to engage parents and the role parents can plan in advocating for physical education and physical activity in schools.

Originally recorded: 01/25/2016


P.E. Advocacy

Moving P.E. Forward in Illinois: Tips for Engaging in Advocacy

Description: A webinar providing next steps for advocating for strong physical education (P.E.) programs for all Illinois students: Feature content included an overview of P.E. policy minutes-per-week best practice campaign, and guidance on how to talk to our leaders about improving P.E. and how organizational partners can get involved. 

Originally recorded: 12/13/2018


School Health

Strong School Wellness Policies: Best Practices, New Resources, and Tips for Illinois Schools & Districts

Description: This webinar provided an overview of model wellness policies, best practices, and resources available to Illinois schools/districts to support strong wellness policies, outlined ways wellness policies can support the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and shared wellness policy evaluation tools.

Originally recorded: 10/10/2018


The Role of Physical Education in Enhancing Adolescent Mental Health

Description: Hosted by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health – Region 5, this webinar described impact of physical education/activity on adolescent mental health and wellbeing; this can include highlighting the benefits of PE on academic achievement, improved cognitive functioning, as well as any linkages to other closely related issues, such as substance misuse.

Originally recorded: 05/01/2018


Selecting a Quality Health Education Curriculum: Understanding Your Needs, Culture, and Best Practices

Description: This webinar introduced participants to the Health Education Curriculum Assessment Tool (HECAT) as well as best practices for choosing a culturally appropriate health education curriculum for your school.

Originally recorded: 04/30/2019