The ISPAN goal is to improve the continuity of care and support for breast/chestfeeding in communities, improving links between hospitals, primary care providers, WIC clinics/services, early childhood education centers, worksites, and social and community programs and services to support low-income, rural, African-American and/or Latina parents meet their breastfeeding/chestfeeding goals.

Our vision is that families, especially those in low-income, rural and communities of color, will have equitable access to adequate and accurate, culturally appropriate lactation support from peers, professionals, and communities.


Breast/chestfeeding Resources

For Breast/chestfeeding Parents

Information to support parents along the breast/chestfeeding journey, from prenatal education materials, learning how to breast/chestfeed, tips for overcoming challenges, and information on working while breast/chestfeeding.

For Partners/Families

Find information on how dads, grandmothers and other family members can support breast/chestfeeding. 

For Hospitals, Clinics & Healthcare Providers

Find out how hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers can create breast/chestfeeding-friendly policies and environments, find training and curriculum to support breast/chestfeeding, and get practical tips to help parents and families breastfeed/chestfeed.

For Worksites/ Businesses

Find resources to support breast/chestfeeding employees and to create breast/chestfeeding-friendly worksites. 

For Early Care & Education Providers

Learn how to create a breast/chestfeeding-friendly child care environment and strategies for supporting families. 

For Home Visitors, Lactation, & Family Support Specialists

Learn more about how family support specialists, home visitors, and other lactation support professionals can support breast/chestfeeding.

Breast/chestfeeding Framework & Strategic Planning

Learn more about the ISPAN breast/chestfeeding framework, including the goal, vision, and objectives for 2020-2023. Resources to support breast/chestfeeding strategic planning are also highlighted.

Apoyo a la lactancia materna en español

Ver recursos para el apoyo a la lactancia materna en español.