The ISPAN goal is to improve the continuity of care and support for breastfeeding in communities, improving links between hospitals, primary care providers, WIC clinics/services, early childhood education centers, worksites, and social and community programs and services to support low-income, rural, African-American and/or Latina moms meet their breastfeeding goals.

Our vision is that families, especially those in low-income, rural and communities of color, will have equitable access to adequate and accurate, culturally appropriate lactation support from peers, professionals, and communities.

Our objectives:

  1. Increase the number of places that are supportive of breastfeeding where low-income, rural, and/or people of color frequent in Illinois by September 2023.
  2. By September 2023, low-income moms, rural moms, and moms of color in Cook, Peoria/Tri-County and Jackson Counties will have increased access to lactation support professionals (IBCLC, CLC, CLS, peer counselor, etc.) with similar lived experiences as those in the ISPAN priority populations.
    1. Increase by at least 50 the number of low-income, rural, Black/African-American and/or Latinx people who are trained as breastfeeding peer counselors and/or CLS/CLCs or IBCLCs.
    2. Increase by at least 50 the number of clinical sites/organizations that have a process in place to refer to professional lactation support providers [ideally those with a similar lived experience to the person who is receiving the referral].
  3. By September 2023, low-income, rural and families of color in Illinois will have increased access to the accurate, and culturally relevant information they need to support breastfeeding.

Read the results of seven focus groups helped shape the ISPAN strategy in the report, ‚ÄúChallenging Cultural Barriers and Creating a More Supportive Society: Findings on Breastfeeding from Focus Groups with Moms Across Illinois.”