IAPO’s Legislative Initiatives


In 2015, the IAPO legislative and administrative advocacy priorities will include the following initiatives:

  • The Healthy Eating Active Living Act: The Healthy Eating + Active Living Act provides kids, families and communities the tools to live healthier lives through investment of funds from a small excise tax on sugary drinks. The HEAL Act will provide Illinois communities with opportunities for physical activity and affordable healthy food, like healthier and tastier school lunches, enhanced physical education, farmer’s markets, and safe parks for kids and families to be active.
  • Safe Routes to Schools: Led by our partners at the Active Transportation Alliance, IAPO will support administrative advocacy efforts to improve and streamline the Illinois Safe Routes to Schools program administered by the state Department of Transportation. Additional state investments in Safe Routes to Schools will be sought in the advocacy and legislative efforts.
  • Maintaining the daily Physical Education (P.E.) requirement: IAPO will continue to monitor and oppose any potential P.E. waiver bills that arise that will weaken or eliminate the daily physical education requirement in Illinois.
  • Expanding LINK UP Illinois: Led by our partners at Experimental Station, CLOCC, and the American Heart Association, in partnership with the IAPO workgroups on local food systems and community nutrition, IAPO will support efforts to expand the LINK UP Illinois program across the state and seek sustainable state funding to support the program in coming years. LINK Up Illinois is a program that provides SNAP (LINK) recipients double-the-value of their SNAP dollars at farmers markets to purchase fresh fruits, veggies, and other products.
  • Cooperative Grocery Stores: Led by our partners at the Illinois Stewardship Alliance, IAPO will support improvements to the laws that govern the creation of cooperative grocery stores to ensure that it is easier for cooperative grocery stores to get started and open in food deserts across the state.

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