IPHI offers online and virtual webinars and trainings to support its mission and partners. Webinar and virtual training topics range from multi-sector data sharing best practices to school health and physical education improvement best practices and community health improvement planning. 

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Embracing the Inevitable: Practical Change Management

One thing for certain, change is inevitable. Reorganization, funding loss or gain, leadership, emerging community issues, policy changes – the list is endless. Like it or not, change happens. Learn to anticipate and embrace change, thrive in an ever changing environment, and bring others on the journey with you.

This webinar features Laurie Call, IPHI’s Director of the Center for Community Capacity Development, and helps participants identify ways to anticipate and prepare for change, and define strategies to support team members in a changing environment.

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IPHI and CDPH present Meeting the Opioid Challenge in the ED: A Webinar Series

IPHI and CDPH are presenting a webinar series, Meeting the Opioid Challenge in the ED, this summer. As of January 2023 clinicians no longer require a special waiver, commonly known as the X waiver, to prescribe buprenorphine. The purpose of the removal of the X waiver was to expand care to patient’s suffering from opioid use disorder (OUD). However, there remains a significant gap in knowledge about treatment as well as a reluctance to engage with people with OUD. These trainings aim to close that gap for medical professionals and believe this will be of significant value for your ED as they begin to treat patients with OUD. Participants will also receive one (1) credit toward the DEA requirement for each session attended. Learn more here about the webinar series and sign up here.

Learn more here about the webinar series and sign up here.

Intro to the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program and Funding Eligibility Criteria

In partnership with the Active Transportation Alliance, this webinar series provides Illinois planners an introduction to the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP), which has additional funding in 2022 to support biking and walking infrastructure projects. The full webinar series and associated resources is available on ATA’s ITEP webpage

Virtual Discussion Series on How Racism, Oppression, and Colonization Have Shaped American Food Access and Nutrition Culture

Through the Building Resilient Inclusive Communities (BRIC) Program, with funding from the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, the Illinois Public Health Institute offered a two-part, virtual discussion series to explore how racism, oppression, and colonialism have shaped American food access and nutrition culture and what providers can do to challenge these systems.

Webinar 1: “One Bad Apple: How the Lack of Knowledge about Black and Indigenous Food Histories Informs our Nutrition Work,” presented on September 15, 2022. 

Trainings for Diabetes Prevention and/or Management Providers on Enrolling in Medicaid as a NDPP or DSMES Provider in Illinois

In partnership with the Illinois Department of Public Health, IPHI hosted a 3-part online training series to assist health systems and providers learn now to enroll in the new National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) and/or Diabetes Self-Management Education & Services (DSMES) providers in Illinois Medicaid. The videos include how to enroll in this new provider type in Illinois’ Medicaid IMPACT system, as well as how to submit a claim for each service. View the training series. 

Updates and Innovation: Providing Opioid Use Disorder Care During COVID-19

The Illinois Public Health Institute and Chicago Department of Public Health hosted a webinar on April 29, 2020. The webinar reviewed updated regulations specific to opioid use disorder treatment in office-based settings during the national emergency. Presenters from UI Health and Cook County Health described ways that their systems have adapted to ensure increased access during COVID-19. The webinar featured Dr. Elizabeth Salisbury-Afshar, MD, MPH; American Institutes for Research, Dr. Nicole Gastala, MD, MPH; Mile Square Health Center, Miles Square Health Center, and Dr. Juleigh Nowinski-Konchak, MD, MPH; Cook County Health

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Webinar slide deck 

Basics on COVID-19 Prevention, Screening, and Infection Control in Homeless Shelters for Shelter Operators and Staff

The Illinois Department of Human Services, in partnership with the Illinois Public Health Institute and healthcare and social service experts, hosted a webinar on April 21, 2020 for Illinois homeless shelter staff that provided an overview of basic prevention, screening, and infection control recommendations for the operation of homeless shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar covered the following topics:

  • examples of coordinated approaches between healthcare, social services, non-profit agencies, health departments, and local government agencies aimed at addressing the needs of the homeless population;
  • screening, testing, monitoring, isolation, and quarantine protocols;
  • infection control practices; and
  • proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

View the recording.

Handouts and presentation slides can be downloaded using the links below.

Webinar slide deck | Shelter training manual | COVID-19 informational booklet layout | Informational booklet English | Informational booklet Polish| Informational booklet Spanish | How to safely remove disposable gloves

Exploring the Benefits of and Concrete Strategies for Supporting Student Health, Fitness and Academic Achievement

This webinar featured case studies of districts and schools across Illinois that overcame challenges associated with implementing high-quality school health programming – from small practical changes that maximized movement opportunities to innovative budgeting/staffing strategies to increase physical education time or create cultures of wellness. Participants left with practical ideas for supporting student health and strengthening school health programming back in their districts!

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Intro to Standards Based Physical Education Curriculum

This webinar helped P.E. teachers and curriculum staff understand the revised State Learning Standards on Physical Development and Health and align their school/district P.E. curriculum to the standards.

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