People with Lived Experiences of Inequity in Data Sharing Projects

This infographic represents findings from the 2021 All In National Inventory, showing that there is a gap between the known benefits of including people with lived experiences of inequity (PWLEI) in data-sharing projects and the observed levels of PWLEI inclusion in...

Breastfeeding Early Journey Map for Families

This resource was developed for families to increase awareness of the early steps of the breast/chestfeeding process, from pregnancy, through labor/delivery, and the early days of breast/chestfeeding at home.

Broaching Breastfeeding with New Parents

This resource was developed to assist healthcare providers in taking a culturally humble approach to discussing breast/chestfeeding with their pregnant and parenting patients.

Breastfeeding Basics for Providers

This tool was developed to support healthcare providers in understanding the basics of breast/chestfeeding so they can best support families in initiating and sustaining breast/chestfeeding for as long as they want to.