Enhanced Physical Education Overview & Testimonials

In 2019, IPHI gathered testimonials from physical education champions across Illinois around the importance of providing high-quality physical education to all students at recommended levels (150 minutes/week for elementary students and 225 minutes/week for secondary...

Stakeholder and Expert Task Force on Physical Education Report

Public Act 098-0859 established a 15-member Stakeholder and Expert Task Force on Physical Education (P.E.) charged with makign recommendations for how to implement the state’s fitness testing requirement for students in grades 3 through 12. This is the final...

Enhance P.E. Resource Guide

The Enhanced Physical Education Resource Guide is a product of the Illinois Enhance P.E. Task Force and links to a variety of tools, research and resources to support enhanced P.E.

Enhance P.E. Task Force Recommendations Report

The final report of the Enhance P.E. Task Force (created by Public Act 97-1102), which proposed revised learning standards for physical development and health and opportunities to promote enhanced physical education.