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New! Exploring Economic and Health Impacts of Local Food Procurement







New! Executive Summary: Exploring Economic and Health Impacts of Local Food Procurement






 New! Selection: Critical Analysis of Economic Impact Methodologies





New! The Stakeholder and Expert Task Force on Physical Education Final Report








New! Healthy Eating +Active Living (HEAL) Act infographic








Updated! Healthy Eating + Active Living Fact Sheet






Updated! Healthy Eating + Active Living Frequently Asked Questions





Updated! Help educate your community with the Rethink Your Drink poster, available in English or Spanish, great for hanging in schools, clinics, workplace lunch rooms/vending areas, or after-school programs.






Updated! Handout the Rethink Your Drink Brochure (also available in Spanish) to give community members helpful tips for choosing healthier options.






New! Infographic: Sugary Drinks by the Numbers








New! Use this educational postcard to help people see just how much sugar is in sugary drinks and how that impacts their health.


Local Policy Database Scan Final Report

Funded by CDC through a cooperative agreement with NNPHI, this report documents the landscape of local policy databases that support healthy communities and recommends options for the potential development of a future national database.


 SNAP Decisions

A study assessing the intended and unintended health impacts of a proposed Illinois ban on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the food stamp program.


Policy_Action_BriefHealthy Communities Policy Action Brief: Key Opportunities for Action and Engagement

Outlines key ideas coming from the Healthy Communities Summit and community meetings, part of Healthy Communities: The Converging Visions of Community Health and Community Development, a collaboration of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and other partners.



Illinois Enhance Physical Education Task Force: Report & Recommendations







 Get Fit & Flourish: Enhanced Physical Activity Manual




Controlling Junk Food and the Bottom Line: Executive Summary





Controlling Junk Food and the Bottom Line: Case Studies of Schools Successfully Implementing Strong Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods and Beverages




Building on the Controlling Junk Food and the Bottom Line report, in October 2014 the Illinois Public Health Institute released the five tip sheets below to help schools implement Smart Snacks in School while minimizing negative financial impact. In November 2014, IPHI hosted a webinar to share strategies, best practices and success stories from schools implementing improved nutrition standards across the country. Access the webinar here.

Tip_Sheet_1Tip Sheet 1: Finances: Strategies to Maintain Revenues with Healthier Competitive Foods Standards






Tip Sheet 2: Creating and Implementing Policies for Healthier Competitive Foods Standards






Tip Sheet 3: Improving Access to Healthy Foods and Beverages Through Healthier Competitive Foods Standards





Tip Sheet 4: Student Education and Engagement to Support Healthier Competitive Foods Standards






Tip Sheet 5: Improving Cafeteria Strategies to Support Healthier Competitive Foods Standards




WW_guide_CCWorksite Wellness Resource Guide






Healthy_Bev_ccRethink Your Drink Healthy Beverage Toolkit for Healthcare







Enhanced P.E. Strategic Plan








Healthy Farms, Healthy People Symposium Policy and Research Agenda Report