Learning Collaboratives

IPHI facilitates learning collaboratives to help strengthen and improve local and collective work on community health issues or strategies that arise as priorities across the state.  By building strategic relationships and improving coordination between local initiatives and state and/or federal stakeholders, learning collaboratives help in sharing best practices, increasing alignment of goals and strategies, leveraging and effectively utilizing resources, and more effectively system change.

Illinois Accreditation Peer Network (IAPN)

The Illinois Accreditation Peer Network (IAPN) is a network of local health departments hosting quarterly web meetings with brief peer-to-peer presentations on how to approach topics related to accreditation requirements. The quarterly webinars are open to any Illinois health department interested in sharing and learning.

QI Learning Collaborative 2017

From July – December 2017, the Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) facilitated a quality improvement learning collaborative with 9 local health department teams across the state of Illinois. The collaborative culminated in a showcase webinar hosted in January 2018.