Consultation, Technical Assistance & Training


IPHI’s Center for Community Capacity Development provides training to health departments, hospitals and community coalitions on community health assessment, community health improvement planning, strategic planning, quality improvement,  and addressing health disparities using the THRIVE tool.


Consultation and Technical Assistance

As a service to local health departments, hospitals and community health coalitions and organizations, IPHI’s Center for Community Capacity Development (CCCD) offers consultation on community health assessment, planning, implementation, performance management, and evaluation activities. Consultation services are delivered in a variety of ways depending on the results of the needs assessment, the time-line and the most effective delivery mode to build capacity.


Learning Collaboratives

IPHI facilitates Learning Collaboratives to help strengthen and improve local and collective work on community health issues or strategies that arise as priorities across the state.  Focus areas include quality improvement and accreditation.


Healthy and Active Communities Network

IPHI’s Healthy and Active Communities Network supports local initiatives by providing a venue for sharing lessons learned and aligning goals and strategies to build sustainable change through influencing policy, systems and environments.


Rethink Your Drink: Healthy Beverages in Health Care

IPHI can provide resources, coaching, presentations and other supports to hospital and health care leaders who want to offer healthier foods and beverages in their facilities.  In addition, IPHI has produced a toolkit to help healthcare organizations think about this issue and plan for changes, and a webinar for healthcare leaders to introduce the issue.


Illinois Accreditation Development Task Force (IATF) – archived project

With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, IPHI launched and staffed the IATF to explore and prepare for national accreditation of state and local health departments.


Exercise Your Mind: Collaborating To Enhance Physical Education In Illinois Schools – archived project

This 1.5 hour webinar provides an overview of the goals and strategies of the Illinois Enhanced P.E. strategic Plan, published in June 2012. It also describes how P.E. has been redefined in recent years and practical ways in which this “new” P.E. can be implemented. The presenters share research demonstrating the link between physical activity and improved academic performance. Resources and tools for working with your school and community to support these changes are also provided.


Accreditation – archived project


Illinois Health Data Dissemination Initiative (HDDI) – archived project