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IPLAN Web Training: Turning Data into Information

The two-part “Turning Data into Information” webinar will share practical approaches and resources for local health departments (LHDs) related to data analysis, interpretation and presentation. This introduction to public health data analysis will focus on how to turn raw community health assessment data into useful information and using data to tell a story.

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Turning Data into Information, Part 1
Recorded Wednesday February 13, 2013 — 1:30-3:00pm CST
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Part 1 is specifically directed to local health departments with limited expertise in data analysis and epidemiology. Presenters will review basic data concepts including selecting indicators, and analyzing, interpreting and summarizing public health data. Part 1 will also explore several important data sources that LHDs can integrate into their IPLAN assessment and planning. Presenters will also provide some basic information on best
practices for presenting data to community members and other stakeholders (a topic to be covered more in-depth in Part 2).
*Note: Participation in Part 1 is not required to participate in Part 2 of this webinar series.

Turning Data into Information, Part 2
Recorded Wednesday March 20 , 2013 — 1:30-3:00pm CST

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Part 2 is intended to provide useful information and resources to LHDs across Illinois with a range of experience and capacity related to data analysis and interpretation. Presenters will discuss best practices for presenting data in ways that are easy to understand and tell the community’s story for the range of IPLAN audiences, and particularly for community members. Part 2 will also explore several strategies for engaging community members
and methods for integrating community input throughout the IPLAN process.