Putting It All Together: Writing Your IPLAN – archived webinar

Originally presented March 29, 2011

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IPLAN is an acronym for Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs and is a series of planning activities conducted within the local health department (LHD) jurisdiction every 5 years. IPLAN was developed in collaboration with local health departments and other Illinois public health system partners and launched in 1994 by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), to meet a core requirement set forth in the Certified Local Health Department Code. This 60-minute Webinar will focus on the required components for the IPLAN submission. The presenters will review each required component and the specific needs for the written document. This training will not teach you how to conduct IPLAN or how to complete the components for the IPLAN process; rather we will focus on actually pulling all your work together and writing your IPLAN to meet the certification requirements for IPLAN reviewers and also for your other potential audiences. If you are new to the responsibility of compiling and submitting IPLAN or need a refresher, this session is for you.



Participants in this web-conference will be able to:

1. Consider the various “audiences” or “end-users” for IPLAN
2. Identify required components to include in your IPLAN submission
3. Understand supplemental components that are optional to include in the IPLAN
4. Avoid common issues and challenges related to IPLAN compilation and submission


Target Audience

IPLAN coordinators, administrators, Board of Health members and others involved in the IPLAN process are encouraged to participate.


Additional Training of Interest

Participants who may be interested in viewing this session may also be interested in the IPLAN Basics Webinar. This recorded training can be found on the IPLAN Website under the resources tab.



Tom Szpyrka
IPLAN Adminstrator
Illinois Department of Public Health

Laurie Call
Director, Center for Community Capacity Development
Illinois Public Health Institute