Lung Cancer: An Overview of the Disease and Prevention – archived webinar

Originally presented on July 29, 2008

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In this session, participants will receive an overview of lung cancer including types, diagnostic measures, signs and symptoms, risk factors and the scope of the problem in Illinois.   Presenters will focus on sharing effective interventions targeting the leading cause of lung cancer, which is smoking tobacco.   Several strategies will be discussed with an emphasis on a community-wide public health approach.  In addition, presenters will also discuss targeting interventions to tobacco-use disparate populations.  Participants will learn how to identify sub-populations through data and a review of best practices to reach specific sub-populations.  Participants will also learn about the risks of radon and increase their understanding and access to resources to effectively disseminate this message throughout the community.  Resources and tools will be shared to support participants as they work to prevent lung cancer in their communities.



Participants in this web-conference will be able to:

1. Describe the types of lung cancer as well as signs and symptoms of lung cancer.
2. Identify the risk factors for lung cancer.
3. Understand how to identify tobacco-use disparate populations.
4. Identify best practices for smoking cessation and how to access resources to implement and foster the best practice.
5. Understand the dangers of radon and how to sample for radon.
6. Identify how to access additional resources and tools to support work in this area.


Target Audience

IPLAN coordinators, administrators, health educators, nurses, preventionists and health promoters are encouraged to participate.



Beth Phelps MS, APN-C, ACNP
Nurse Practitioner
Thoracic Oncology Program Coordinator
Southern Illinois University Cancer Institute

Julie B. Doetsch, MA
Tobacco Program Manager
Division of Chronic Disease Prevention and Control
Illinois Department of Public Health

Lynda Preckwinkle, BA, RRT
Director, ALA Helpline and Tobacco Quitline
Director, Illinois Quitline
American Lung Association of Illinois-Iowa

Babs Frederking, RN
Health Educator / Illinois Tobacco Free Communities Coordinator
Washington County Health Department

Anglea Tin, MS
Director of Environmental Programs
American Lung Association of Illinois

Barbara Sorgatz, BS
Regional Consultant
Division of Community Health and Prevention
Illinois Department of Human Services