Lessons in Quality Improvement – archived webinar

Originally presented on July 7, 2011

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Join us as we hear from two local health departments (LHDs) who participated in the Illinois Quality Improvement Learning Collaborative. The presenters will share key lessons learned from the twenty-two month learning experience with the projects their LHD’s led.  The work focused on both Quality Improvement (QI) and Quality Planning (QP).  A brief explanation of the models and a few tools used in QI and QP will also be shared.  In addition, the presenters will share how their LHD has integrated QI into the organization after the collaborative project ended and key resources for their organization’s learning and growth related to integrating QI and building a QI culture.  Finally, each presenter will share an explanation of how QI and Accreditation are related and their LHD’s plans regarding Accreditation.

The Illinois Quality Improvement Learning Collaborative was a project funded through the Multi-State Learning Collaborative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Ten Illinois local health department teams participated in the twenty-two month learning collaborative which included QI training and technical assistance and peer sharing and feedback on projects on a monthly basis throughout the duration of the project.



Participants in this web-conference will be able to:

1. Understand the basic model for Quality Improvement and Quality Planning.
2. Identify key learning from past QI projects and efforts.
3. Link to resources for QI and building a quality culture in their organization.
4. Understand the relationship between QI and Accreditation.


Target Audience

Any staff interested in learning more about Quality Improvement including but not limited to public health administrators, IPLAN coordinators, health educators, nurses, preventionists and health promoters are encouraged to participate.



Deena Mosbarger, BS, PHR
HR/Special Projects Coordinator, Clay County Health Department

Uche Onwuta, MS, MPH
Community Health Specialist III – Epidemilologist, Kane County Health Department

Laurie Call, BA
Director-Center for Community Capacity Development, Illinois Public Health Institute