IPLAN Basics – archived webinar

Originally presented on September 17, 2008

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The Illinois Project for the Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN) is a series of planning activities conducted within the local health department (LHD) jurisdiction every 5 years. IPLAN was developed in 1992 by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) in collaboration with local health departments and other Illinois public health system partners to meet the requirements set forth in the Illinois Administrative Code, Section 600 – Certified Local Health Department Code.

The goal for this session is toprovide a basic overview of IPLAN requirements, components, and resources to support LHD staff responsible for IPLAN coordination. This training has been designed as a review for those local health department’s who are preparing for the next cycle of IPLAN, new staff who will be involved in IPLAN and key community health planning committee members who wish to increase their understanding of IPLAN.  Presenters will describe the history of IPLAN, including requirements to the Illinois Administrative Code Section 600 as a basis for IPLAN structure.  Presenters from three local health departments (LHDs) will share their experiences and benefits from IPLAN and the IPLAN Administrator will discuss common issues found with IPLAN submissions and share how to prevent them.  In addition, presenters will provide a thorough overview of the three components of IPLAN, an organizational capacity assessment, community health needs assessment and community health plan, and activities/steps involved with each component.  Lastly, participants will receive references and resources including tools to assist and support them with their IPLAN.



As a result of participating in this web-conference, participants will have:

1. An understanding of the history related to IPLAN including the requirements of the Illinois Administrative Code Section 600;
2. An awareness of the assessment and planning framework (APEX-PH) and equivalent options;
3. An understanding of the basic components of IPLAN;
4. An awareness of the time and resources needs for IPLAN;
5. An awareness of common mistakes related to IPLAN and how to prevent them; and
6. Knowledge regarding IPLAN resources, tools and the IPLAN Web-site.


Target Audience

IPLAN coordinators, administrators, and any other local health department staff or key community health planning committee members involved with IPLAN.



Tom Szpyrka
IPLAN Administrator
Division of Health Policy and Planning
Illinois Department of Public Health

Angie Bailey
Director of Health Education
Jackson County Health Department

Michele Fishburn
Director of Community Health Improvement
Knox County Health Department

Amy J. Yeager
Health Promotion Manager
Madison County Health Department