Engaging Communities and the Media by Telling Compelling Public Health Stories – archived webinar

Originally presented April 14, 2011

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This Webinar will help participants to develop a short relationship database for the purpose of telling the public health story using various modalities. We will focus on creating compelling and effective messages that engage various community audiences and the media. Special attention will be given to identifying key messages that address the positive aspects of the public health movement. The moderator will be using a number of local public health initiatives to demonstrate social and traditional media techniques that sell your story.



Participants in this web-conference will be able to:

1. Build a short relationship database and understand why it is necessary in the communications engagement process.
2. Identify the key components of developing an effective message.
3. Develop specific messages for various audiences and modalities.
4. Develop an outline for telling your own public health story.
5. Evaluate the success of your engagement efforts.


Target Audience

Public Health Administrators, IPLAN Coordinators, Public Information Officers (PIOs), Health Educators, Nurses, Preventionists, and Health Promoters are encouraged to participate.



Ruby Haughton-Pitts
R. Haughton-Pitts Communications