Building a Quality Culture in Public Health – archived webinar

Originally presented on March 11, 2011

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Performance improvement and accountability are front and center for public health as we experience limited resources and demands for effectiveness with the resources we expend. Public health accreditation and quality improvement are not only being discussed intensely but mechanisms to help local health departments improve performance and outcomes are growing. During this Webinar training, Cindan Gizzi will share the experience of the Pierce-Tacoma County Washington Health Department in their road to building a quality culture. Key terminology will be discussed in regards to quality and the “Quality Trilogy”. Examples of how the “Quality Trilogy” has served as a model for quality within the Pierce-Tacoma County Health Department will be presented in addition to the infrastructure developed to support a quality culture. Lessons, examples and resources will be shared based on the learning and growth of our fellow MLC state. Participants will be left with tools and guidance to begin to measure the quality improvement culture and infrastructure with their agencies.



Participants in this web-conference will be able to:

1. Define “quality culture”.
2. Describe Tacoma-Pierce’s effort to build a quality culture and infrastructure.
3. Describe the “Quality Trilogy” as a model for public health
4. Identify how to measure QI culture/infrastructure in your agency.
5. Identify resources for building a QI culture in your agency.


Target Audience

This training is for anyone interested in improving performance and building a culture of quality within their agency or department. Public health administrators, health educators, nurses, preventionists and health promoters are encouraged to participate.



Cindan Gizzi
Deputy Director Pro Tem
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department