Creating a Strategic Plan – archived classroom training

Originally presented on July 12, 2011



Strategic planning is becoming more and more essential to organizations to help guide their decisions, critical work, and growth.  Local Health Departments (LHDs) in Illinois have the option of completing a strategic plan as a way to demonstrate completion of the Organizational Capacity Assessment, a required component for IPLAN.  In addition, a strategic plan is one of the three pre-requisites for national voluntary public health accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board.  With this increased need and opportunity for strategic planning, a user-friendly model and process for developing a strategic plan is needed.  This classroom-based training will provide participants with a common framework for developing a strategic plan with their organization, coalition, Board or other entity.  Participants will apply the framework during the session to work through the phases of the strategic planning process and discuss how to overcome challenges in each step of the process.  The presenter will share examples of how the framework has been used with various organizations and groups.



Participants in this training will be able to:

1. Identify the relationship of a strategic plan to IPLAN and PHAB Accreditation.
2. Describe the core components of a strategic plan.
3. Conduct a readiness assessment for engaging in strategic planning.
4. Develop and refine vision, mission and values statements to guide the strategic plan.
5. Understand types of assessment data and information used to drive the strategic plan.
6. Identify and frame strategic issues, while delineating operational issues and needs.
7. Understand how to establish measures to monitor progress for the strategic plan.


Target Audience:

Administrators, IPLAN coordinators, Board of Health members and other leaders who wish to engage in strategic planning.



Laurie Call, BA
Director of Center for Community Capacity Development, Illinois Public Health Insitute