Local Health Department Training



The Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN) is a community health assessment and planning process that is conducted every five years by local health jurisdictions in Illinois. Based on the Assessment Protocol for Excellence in Public Health (APEX-PH) model, IPLAN is grounded in the core functions of public health and addresses public health practice standards. The completion of IPLAN fulfills most of the requirements for Local Health Department certification under Illinois Administrative Code Section 600.400: Certified Local Health Department Code Public Health Practice Standards.

The essential elements of IPLAN are:

1. an organizational capacity assessment;
2. a community health needs assessment; and
3. a community health plan, focusing on a minimum of three priority health problems.

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The Mobilizing Action Through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) crosswalk is intended to serve as a guide for Illinois health departments who are using the equivalent process of MAPP for their IPLAN. This tool lists the Illinois requirements and standards for IPLAN and the MAPP components that meet the requirements. The tool also indicates any additional information you will need to submit to meet the IPLAN requirements. If you have any questions about the MAPP crosswalk or how to use it, please contact Laurie Call at laurie.call@iphionline.org.


Expert Consultant List

If you need assistance with a particular IPLAN Health Priority, please refer to this Expert Consultant list to point you to resources, or assist you with developing appropriate IPLAN objectives for the health area or identifying best practices to impact the health priority. If you find any of this contact information out of date, please let us know by contacting Laurie Call as soon as possible.