Center for Community Capacity Development

IPHI’s Center for Community Capacity Development (CCCD) enhances the effectiveness and reach of local public health systems by collaborating with public health partners to provide training, technical assistance and support services for community-level health improvement and prevention programs.


IPHI offers classroom-based training, webinars, and podcasts on a range of topics related to building local community health capacity related to  all aspects of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of public health activities.  IPHI works collaboratively with the clients to design and deliver training to meet learning objectives, and we strive to incorporate interactive capacity-building activities in all of our training.

Consultation Services

IPHI provides a wide range of consulting, technical assistance, and coaching services. As a service to local and state health departments and community health coalitions and  other public health organizations, IPHI offers capacity building consultation services to support learning and development. Consultation services are delivered in a variety of ways depending on the organization’s needs, the time-line and the most effective delivery mode to build capacity.

Learning Collaboratives

IPHI facilitates learning collaboratives to help strengthen and improve local and collective work on community health issues or strategies that arise as priorities across the state.  By building strategic relationships and improving coordination between local initiatives and state and/or federal stakeholders, learning collaboratives help in sharing best practices, increasing alignment of goals and strategies, leveraging and effectively utilizing resources, and more effectively system change. IPHI also facilitates inter-organizational learning collaboratives such as quality improvement (QI) teams to support completion of projects and to build a culture of quality within organizations.


CCCD Staff

Laurie Call, Director

Jess Lynch, Program Director

Genny Turner, Program Manager

Leah Barth, Program Associate

Andi Goodall, Program Associate

Antonia Lalagos, Program Associate