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In order to effectively accomplish specific public education, advocacy and systems change goals in the IAPO Roadmap (the 8 objectives), IAPO’s short-term goals, and long-term goals, IAPO convenes six workgroups, each focusing one (or more) goals/objectives contained in the IAPO Roadmap, Short-Term Goals, and Long-Term Roadmap Goals.  Members of the Working Groups are individuals drawn from the organizations on the Leadership Council and in the General Membership.  Each of the six workgroups is led by co-chairs – at least one of them sits on the Steering Committee.

All workgroups and committees are made up of staff and volunteers from IAPO member organizations or public agencies with a role or stake in preventing and reducing obesity.  Participation by these workgroup and committee members is provided as an in-kind contribution to IAPO by the organizations that comprise it, and is a measure of the commitment of the member organizations to the success of the Alliance.
Current Workgroups:

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