Task Force on Health Planning Reform (TFHPR) – archived project

Public Act 095-0005 amended the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act, creating the Task Force on Health Planning Reform (TFHPR). The mission of the TFHPR was to review, reform and implement new or revised policies and procedures relating to the evaluation of hospital expansion projects, safety net services, and create a long-range (10 year) health facilities plan. The TFHPR also reviewed and made recommendations to the size and membership of the current Health Facilities Planning Board. The overall goal of the TFHPR was to ensure the prevention of unnecessary duplication of facilities and services; improve the efficiency of the health care system; maintain an environment in the health care system that supports quality care; and support the most economic use of available resources.

IPHI was contracted by IDPH to coordinate Task Force meeting logistics, draft minutes, distribute meeting materials and facilitate general communication. IPHI also kept records, ensured compliance with Open Meetings Act requirements, fielded inquiries from stakeholders and the public, and assisted IDPH in tracking transcripts and invoices. The group met monthly throughout 2008 via videoconference with facilities in Chicago and Springfield.

McAlpine Consulting was contracted by the Task Force to facilitate discussions during the group’s final meetings, and to assist legislative staff in drafting materials to lay out the Task Force’s conclusions and recommendations. IPHI assisted Laura McAlpine and the co-chairs with crafting the group’s remaining meeting agendas. The Task Force added two meetings in December (12/8 and 12/19) to continue their discussions and bring the group’s work to a close.