Racial & Ethnic Health Disparities Action Council (REHDAC) – archived project

The Racial & Ethnic Health Disparities Action Council (REHDAC) is a forum created by IPHI for minority health stakeholders to explore public health system approaches to eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities in Illinois. REHDAC consists of more than 30 stakeholders from public and private organizations throughout the state.

The Council works to:

  • Identify best practices and disseminate current data related to racial/ethnic health disparities;
  • Highlight the limitations of the public health system that hinder progress in reducing racial/ethnic health disparities;
  • Develop recommendations to improve the health of minorities and reduce racial/ethnic health disparities in Illinois; and
  • Advocate for inclusion of REHDAC recommendations in statewide health improvement planning.


The Co-Chairs for REHDAC are Joe Antolin, Heartland Alliance and Joe Harrington, Chicago Department of Public Health.


REHDAC holds meetings every few months to update members and interested parties about its work and engage members in strategizing and planning for future efforts.  Please check the Institute’s on-line calendar for upcoming events.


If you would like to know more about REHDAC and become a member, contact us!