Illinois Health Information Security and Privacy Collaborative (HISPC) – archived project

Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration in Illinois and Nationally

The Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration (HISPC) is a federal initiative of multi-state collaborative to study privacy and security “challenges” for the implementation of health information exchange (HIE) in the states.

National home for HISPC at the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services

Illinois Home for HISPC at the Illinois Department of Public Health

In 2008 HISPC-Illinois joined California, Ohio and North Carolina as part of the Consent 2 – Policy Options Collaborative. The purpose of the collaborative is to explore the viability of statutory options that states could enact to resolve barriers to the exchange of personal health information among states that have conflicting state laws and requirements governing consent.

In 2009, HISPC-Illinois was awarded an extension to its contract to continue the work of the HISPC-Illinois Steering Committee, to create a workshop on Policy Operations for interstate and Intrastate Consent, to extend the planning around developing an Intrastate Compact, and test consumer and provider education messages developed by other multi-state collaborative.

HISPC-Illinois Consumer Education Challenge

HISPC-Illinois Consumer Education Challenge partners:

HISPC-Illinois identified three consumer-oriented stakeholder associations/organizations within the state (including any HIOs), and adapted 2-4 of the materials created by other multi-state consortia.

  • Illinois low-literacy consumer office poster
  • Illinois low-literacy consumer brochure
  • Illinois consumer security brochure
  • Illinois consumer e-health fact sheet
  • Illinois consumer privacy and security FAQ

HISPC-Illinois Provider Education Challenge

HISPC-Illinois Provider Education Challenge partners:

HISPC-Illinois will identify and partner with two provider associations within Illinois, selected by and from the HISPC-Illinois Steering Committee, such as the Illinois State Medical Society and the Illinois Hospital Association.  Another opportunity may be to provide this information to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, which has the responsibility to provide support to the Illinois Health Information Exchange Advisory Committee.  The main goal of the challenge is to encourage provider use of the Provider Education Toolkit located at

  • Illinois presentation on Provider Education Toolkit

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

The activities of the HISPC-Illinois Steering Committee and responsibility for health information privacy and security are transitioning to the State of Illinois Health Information Exchange (HIE) Advisory Group.  For more information, please see

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