Illinois Health Data Dissemination Initiative (IHDDI) – archived project

The IHDDI was completed in September, 2012.

The recently-completed Illinois State Health Improvement Plan and other processes have identified several critical needs that must be addressed to improve health assessment capability in Illinois: creation of a centralized point of entry for health data that improves our ability to monitor and address health disparities; provision of data in a more timely fashion; access to  better analytic capacity; improvements in data quality; and meeting the needs of a broader array of potential users.

The Illinois Health Data Dissemination Initiative (IHDDI) was a state-wide effort to make public health information more widely available on-line.  The IHDDI combined activities of the Health Data Task Force created by PA 95-0418 and a CDC funded project to improve public access to data through an expanded and improved web-based data query system (WDQS).  It is a priority of the Initiative to use data to address racial, ethnic, and other health disparities.  This system supports state and community level public health planning, and is targeted to state and local health departments, community-based organizations, and state employees.  IQuery, the public health data portal built by the IHDDI, debuted in February 2010 and has been continuously updated since then.

The Illinois Public Health Institute staffed and facilitated the IHDDI in partnership with the Illinois Department of Public Health.  In addition to IDPH, the initiative included the Illinois Departments of Human Services, Healthcare and Family Services, Children and Family Services, Aging, the Illinois State Board of Education, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

IPHI received a five-year CDC grant that funds some of the planning activity related to this data dissemination effort, as well as part of the development of the web-based data query system. The IHDDI was complete in September, 2012.

For more information about the IHDDI or IPHI’s initial management of IQuery, please contact Peter Eckart at or (312) 850-4744, ext. 12.

For more information about current IQuery operations, please contact Tom SzpyrkaIPLAN Administrator at the Illinois Department of Public Health.