CHIT – Archived Projects


Illinois Query or IQuery, is Illinos’ web-based data query system for collecting and displaying state public health data. IQuery was a project of the Illinois Health Data Dissemination Initiative (IHDDI), a coalition of seven agencies of the State of Illinois, funded in part by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For five years ending in 2012, IPHI staffed the IHDDI and managed the development of IQuery as the agent of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).  IQuery continues to present health indicator data in chart and graph form for vital statistics, hospitalization and emergency room records, maternal and child and maternal risk factors, chronic disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes.  IQuery also generates County reports covering many standard health indicators. Click here to learn more about IQuery.

Illinois Health Data Dissemination Initiative (IHDDI)

The Illinois Health Data Dissemination Initiative (IHDDI) was a state-wide effort to make public health information more widely available online.  The IHDDI combined activities of the Health Data Task Force created by PA 95-0418 and a CDC funded project to improve public access to data through an expanded and improved web-based data query system (WDQS). The IHDDI was complete in September, 2012. Click here to learn more about IHDDI.

Illinois Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (IL-HITREC)

Illinois Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (IL-HITREC) provides vendor-neutral technical assistance related to the selection, implementation and use of electronic health record systems. IPHI produced and managed the content delivery system for the IL-HITREC provider education and training for healthcare providers. The project was completed in June of 2011. Click here to learn more about IL-HITREC.

Illinois Health Information Security and Privacy Collaborative (HISPC)

The Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration (HISPC) is a federal initiative of multi-state collaborative to study privacy and security “challenges” for the implementation of health information exchange (HIE) in the states. In 2009, HISPC-Illinois was awarded an extension to its contract to continue the work of the HISPC-Illinois Steering Committee, to create a workshop on Policy Operations for interstate and Intrastate Consent, to extend the planning around developing an Intrastate Compact, and test consumer and provider education messages developed by other multi-state collaborative. Click here to learn more about HISPC.

Illinois Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT) Medical Trading Area Grants Monitoring and Stakeholder Engagement

When the Illinois General Assembly appropriated $3 million for statewide HIE planning, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) Office of Planning staff devised a process whereby the state would be divided into 16 Medical Trading Areas (MTAs) that reflected a patient-centric model of medical care transactions and referrals within a geographic region. IPHI supported stakeholder engagement and monitoring for the grants reporting process of the MTA HIE planning process. IPHI implemented broad stakeholder engagement by holding regular “Executive Council” meetings and routine “Regional Advisory Council” or smaller Work Group meetings to keep members informed and motivated. On June 30, 2010, the MTA planning process effectively concluded with the submission of extensive one- and three-year plans from fourteen of the sixteen MTAs. Click here to learn more about OHIT MTA.