BIP Stakeholder Engagement

The Federal Balancing Incentives Program (BIP) authorized an estimated $90 million grant to the State of Illinois to increase access to non-institutional long-term services and supports (LTSS) by:

  • Lowering costs through improved systems performance & efficiency,
  • creating tools to help consumers with care planning & assessment,
  • and improving quality measurement & oversight

The BIP also increases the Federal Matching Assistance Percentage (FMAP) to States that create structural changes to increase nursing home diversions and access to non-institutional LTSS. These structural modifications include the provision or creation of:

  • A no wrong door/single entry point system (NWD/SEP),
  • conflict-free case management services,
  • and core standardized assessment instruments

In collaboration with DHS, Aging and the Illinois Framework, HFS convened the BIP stakeholder group in January 2014. IPHI provided both content and process support for the BIP stakeholder group through meeting facilitation, material preparation and survey administration. To date, the Stakeholder Engagement Team has facilitated 6 meetings and conducted 5 surveys with over 100 stakeholders.

IPHI’s facilitation primarily focused on gathering stakeholder feedback on the three major components of BIP:

  • Language for an “initial screen” to work in conjunction with the Uniform Assessment Tool (UAT)
  • Recommendations for accessing the coordinated entry points, website and call center
  • Recommendations for the Conflict-free Case Management protocol to be implemented by September 2015