Healthy Food Incentives Fund Signed Into Law

The Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity-supported Healthy Local Foods Incentive Fund bill was signed into law (Public Act 100-0636) by Governor Rauner on July 27, 2018. Subject to appropriation, this law makes permanent a program that would increase low-income Illinoisans’ access to healthy food by doubling the value of their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) dollars for fresh fruits and veggies at farmers markets.

Limited access to affordable, healthy food contributes to obesity and diabetes. These conditions are especially prevalent among low-income Illinoisans and thus costly to the State of Illinois. The Healthy Local Foods Incentive Fund has the potential to reach 2 million SNAP users. It will help make healthier, locally-produced foods more available to this population, will stimulate local economies and support local farmers, and could reduce Medicaid costs with a healthier SNAP population.

IAPO will continue to advocate for an appropriation for this program in the state budget and we thank our partners for all efforts in helping to pass this bill!

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