Measure, manage & improve the public health system

IPHI works to ensure a more highly functioning public health system comprised of active public, private, and voluntary partners engaged in measuring, managing and improving the public health system by assuring accountability, ongoing improvement, and performance management in public health.

Healthy and Active Communities Network (HACN)

Launched in 2012, the Healthy & Active Communities Network (HACN) is a peer learning network of local coalitions and community partnerships working towards sustainable improvements in healthy eating and active living through policy, systems and environmental change.

Healthy Communities: The Converging Visions of Community Health and Community Development

IPHI is partnering with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and others to present this summit exploring the interactions between community development and public health in the areas of policy, practice, finance and philanthropy on June 12 and 13, 2013.  Watch for more information.

Local Health Department IPLAN Training

Performance Management, Quality Improvement and Public Health Accreditation Training

Community Health Assessment for Hospitals,  Health Departments and Coalitions

Community Health Planning and Implementation for Hospitals, Health Departments and Coalitions

Performance Management, Quality Improvement and Public Health Accreditation Readiness

Health Impact Assessment

Stakeholder Engagement and Partnership Development

Strategic Planning

Evidence-Based Public Health

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change Strategies

Accreditation Mock Review Collaborative

QI Learning Collaboratives

Illinois Framework Stakeholder Engagement Project

Illinois FrameworkThe State of Illinois, under the direction of the Department of Human Services Project Management Office, is building a new healthcare and human services system called the Illinois Framework that will link the service programs in seven state agencies to better meet the needs of clients and providers.

The Framework Stakeholder Engagement Project aims to educate and solicit feedback from clients, service providers, advocates and state employees to incorporate stakeholder input into the planning process and help the State design a user-friendly system. IPHI has served as the Framework’s lead partner in engaging stakeholders since 2011, when the CHIT organized a statewide Listening Tour that included 11 town hall conversations with providers, 11 focus groups with service recipients and three virtual conversations.


State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) – archived project

IPHI has provided the research, facilitation, process management and promotion of Illinois’ two state health improvement planning processes, the most recent having been completed in 2010.  In 2012, IPHI worked with IDPH and the University of Illinois at Chicago to support the SHIP Implementation Coordination Council.  The SHIP provides guidance to the state’s public health system on priorities for improving both the health of the public and system infrastructure needs.

Illinois Accreditation Development Task Force (IATF) – archived project

With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, IPHI launched and staffed the IATF to explore and prepare for national accreditation of state and local health departments.

Task Force on Health Planning Reform (TFHPR) – archived project

Public Act 095-0005 amended the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act, creating the Task Force on Health Planning Reform (TFHPR). The mission of the TFHPR was to review, reform and implement new or revised policies and procedures relating to the evaluation of hospital expansion projects, safety net services, and create a long-range (10 year) health facilities plan. The TFHPR also reviewed and made recommendations to the size and membership of the current Health Facilities Planning Board. The overall goal of the TFHPR was to ensure the prevention of unnecessary duplication of facilities and services; improve the efficiency of the health care system; maintain an environment in the health care system that supports quality care; and support the most economic use of available resources.

Health in All Policies Symposium – archived project

On June 28, the Health in All Policies Symposium brought together Illinois leaders from multiple sectors for a robust discussion about how to ensure that all of our policies reflect a commitment to good health.

Accreditation – archived project