Data & IT

In order to assure that public health policy and programs are driven by data, IPHI works to ensure that Illinois’ data systems measure, analyze and report on the health status of Illinois residents, including those impacted by health disparities.

Local Policy Database Environmental Scan

Early in 2013, IPHI formed a collaboration with the Mississippi Public Health Institute and theTexas Health Institute to respond to a Request for Proposals to investigate the current state and uses for local policy databases in public health.  The collaboration is using an iterative approach to conduct the environmental scan, using the Institutes’ expertise, advice from theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Network of Public Health Institutes, and subject matter experts to define the scope of the scan and test it against our consultants’ model policy databases. We will conduct an environmental scan of health policy databases, including databases in other sectors that are suggested by criteria for healthy communities. Our team will survey and/or interview a select group of potential users to develop a menu of content, tools, and services would be most useful for practitioners. Our team will translate the findings and analysis into a conceptual model of the comprehensive local policy database.  The final deliverables for this project are due at the end of September.

Illinois Framework Stakeholder Engagement Project

Illinois FrameworkThe State of Illinois, under the direction of the Department of Human Services Project Management Office, is building a new healthcare and human services system called the Illinois Framework that will link the service programs in seven state agencies to better meet the needs of clients and providers. The Framework Stakeholder Engagement Project aims to educate and solicit feedback from clients, service providers, advocates and state employees to incorporate stakeholder input into the planning process and help the State design a user-friendly system. IPHI has served as the Framework’s lead partner in engaging stakeholders since 2011, when the CHIT organized a statewide Listening Tour that included 11 town hall conversations with providers, 11 focus groups with service recipients and three virtual conversations. The Framework Stakeholder Engagement Project is expanding in 2013, and will soon begin another round of informing and engaging stakeholders across the state through in-person and online outreach activities. For more information about the Stakeholder Engagement Project and to register for updates, visit

Illinois Health Information Exchange

IPHI is a member of Illinois’ Health Information Exchange (HIE) Authority Advisory Committee and works to promote the use of HIE to provide data and information that supports health improvement for communities and populations.


Illinois Query or IQuery, is a web-based data query system for collecting and displaying health data. IQuery was a project of the Illinois Health Data Dissemination Initiative (IHDDI), a coalition of seven agencies of the State of Illinois, funded in part by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The IHDDI and IQuery were administered by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), with project management by the Illinois Public Health Institute.

Evidence-Based Public Health

State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) – archived project

IPHI has provided the research, facilitation, process management and promotion of Illinois’ two state health improvement planning processes, the most recent having been completed in 2010.  In 2012, IPHI worked with IDPH and the University of Illinois at Chicago to support the SHIP Implementation Coordination Council.  The SHIP provides guidance to the state’s public health system on priorities for improving both the health of the public and system infrastructure needs.

Illinois Health Data Dissemination Initiative (HDDI) – archived project

Illinois Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (HITREC) – archived project

Illinois Health Information Security and Privacy Collaborative (HISPC) – archived project

Illinois Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT) Medical Trading Area Grants Monitoring and Stakeholder Engagement – archived project