New Study Illuminates How Schools Can Improve Nutrition Standards Without Significant Negative Financial Impact

Competitive Foods ReportChicago, March 21, 2013 – A new study* released today presents case studies of schools that improved nutrition standards for their competitive food and beverages without significant negative financial impact.  Competitive foods and beverages are those items sold or provided in schools that are not part of the national school lunch program – typically, foods and drinks in vending machines, cafeteria a la carte lines, and school stores.  In early February, the USDA issued proposed new standards for competitive foods that significantly reduce the fat, sugar, and sodium content of foods sold to students by schools.  Some schools rely on resources from competitive foods for various programs, and have expressed concern about lost revenue with stronger standards.  This study should help allay those fears.

Click here to a link for the press release announcing the study.

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