QI Online Resources

Quality Improvement Online Resources

Toolkits and Guidance Documents


A searchable database filled with a variety of QI materials, including background information on QI concepts, case studies, tools & templates, etc.  Information can be searched by state and jurisdiction size.


This step-by-step guide leads walks through the stages of developing a QI culture within an organization.  Each stage includes descriptions, tips for progressing to the next stage, and resources to further develop the QI culture.

National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) – Quality Improvement Toolkit

This toolkit is divided into the following sections: Intro to QI, QI plans, QI Leadership, Managing QI Collaboratives, Building a QI Culture, Data & Measurement, and QI Tools & Frameworks.  It includes general information, activity templates, guides, examples, and reports.

Center for Public Health Quality – QI Toolkit

The QI Toolbox is a collection of resources and tools designed to be a “one-stop shopping” destination for improvement for public health organizations and includes a catalog of QI initiatives and a QI Step-by-Step Guide with examples, tools, and templates.

Embracing Quality in Public Health: A Practitioner’s Quality Improvement Guide 

Tews, D.S., Heany, J., Jones, J., VanDerMoere, R., & Madamala, K. (2012)

Described as a sequel to the following document, together they provided extensive information on the process of conducting a QI project, as well as examples.

Embracing Quality in Local Public Health: Michigan’s Quality Improvement Guidebook

Tews. D.S., Sherry, M.K., Butler, J.A., & Martin, A. (2008)

Minnesota Department of Health QI Toolkit

This toolkit describes QI tools and resources, organized by the stage in which they are likely to be used: Assess a Situation, Make a Decision, and Implement a Program.  Contains resources for data presentation, meeting facilitation, logic models, objectives, prioritization, and more.

Developing a Health Department QI Plan

Kane, T., Moran, J.W., & Armbruster, S. (2010)

This short guide explains the key components of a QI plan and provides a sample plan.

Resource Lists and Portals

CDC Performance Management and Quality Improvement

Defines key terms and concepts, relays stories from the field, connects you to the Performance Improvement Managers Network (PIM Network), provides links to sites that house data and benchmarks, gives an overview of key milestones and initiatives that have advanced performance management and QI in public health, and links to additional resources.

Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange

PHQIX is an online community for sharing information about quality improvement.  Users are invited to submit stories and examples of QI projects and initiatives, both completed and in progress.  Each submission is reviewed by QI experts before being posted.


This website provides an overview of the QI resources available from NACCHO.  It includes stories from local health departments, as well as links to further resources, guides, and training materials.

Public Health Foundation

Quality Improvement Portal

Information about QI technical assistance services, trainings, and connections between QI and accreditation, as well as links to resources.

Public Health Improvement Resource Center

This online database of resources is searchable by keyword and includes resources on general QI, accreditation, Turning Point, and performance management.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement – Resource List

The resources and resource repositories on this website cover various topics: national frameworks and initiatives supporting public health quality improvement; performance management and quality improvement resources; public health workforce resources; and community data resources.

Webinars and Trainings

NNPHI Public Health Improvement Resources and Training

A series of archived webinars on topics related to performance improvement, including community health assessment and improvement planning, strategic planning, performance management, accreditation and quality improvement.

Public Health Foundation

QI User Guide

This interactive resource bank provides resources based on the user’s level of QI knowledge.  Content is available for everyone from beginners to experts.

TRAIN Website (Note: Required to create account to access trainings)

This website houses many trainings, including archived webinars, as well as information about in-person trainings and classes; many QI-related trainings can be found by a word search.

Illinois Department of Public Health – Training Resources

Scroll half-way down the page to the section entitled: Public Health Quality Improvement Webinars

Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School

Improvement Capability Tract

Oriented towards a healthcare audience, these interactive courses explain the process of conducting a QI project using the Model for Improvement.  CEUs can be earned with the completion of the courses.

Implementing and Sustaining Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) in an Organization

Prepare Iowa (Iowa Department of Public Health)

Note: You will be required to create an account to access this training.

NIATx Change Leader Orientation

Illinois Public Health Institute, Presented by Tom Mosgaller

Quality Improvement in Public Health:  It’s Not Another Program, MARMASON Consulting

University of Washington, Presented by Marni Mason

NACCHO QI Training Template

Customizable presentation template and presenter guide so that you can educate staff, governing entities, and community partners about QI.

Reference Materials

Available for free (online):

American Public Health Association. (2012).  Quality Improvement in Public Health: It Works! 

American Public Health Association. (2011). Health Department Initiatives: Moving Towards Quality Improvement

Gorenflo, G. and Moran, J.(2010) ABCs of the PDCA Cycle 

United States Department of Health and Human Services. (2010). Priority Areas for Improvement of Quality in Public Health.

As the Affordable Care Act is being implemented, there is a greater emphasis on QI both in healthcare and public health.  Through this document the DHHS names priorities in QI for public health.

Moran, J.W. (2010). Top “10” Problems Encountered by Quality Improvement Teams.

Learn from nationally recognized QI expert John Moran about avoiding challenges commonly found during the planning and implementation of QI projects.

Available for purchase:

Bialek, R., Moran, J.W., & Duffy, G.L. (Eds.). (2009). The Public Health Quality Improvement Handbook. (Milwaukee, WI: ASQ Quality Press)

List Price: $79.00; 

Brassard, M. and Ritter, D. (2007). Public Health Memory Jogger II. (Salem, NH: Goal QPC)

List Price: $16.95;

Public Health Foundation. (2012). Public Health Quality Improvement Encyclopedia. (Washington, D.C.: Public Health Foundation)

List Price: $27.50;