Plenary Session #2

Show Me the Money: Innovations in Health Care Financing to Address Social Determinants of Health

Achieving the Triple Aim—improving patient experience, improving population health, and reducing costs—is inextricably linked to how we pay for healthcare, how we organize incentives, and how we support communities where people are healthier before they enter the health care system. Health systems are partnering with communities on innovative ways to invest in solutions addressing the social determinants of health as a key factor in achieving the Triple Aim. This session will explore some of those innovations, including a pay for performance model to address asthma through modifications of the home environment in Chicago; a “Pathways Community HUB” model in Ohio where community health workers help patients along evidence-based social and healthcare pathways that has payments tied to outcomes; and one of the newest financing strategies: a multi-state initiative that leverages a health systems’ investment portfolio to make low-interest loans that expand affordable housing options, increase community development and offer access to educational scholarships and loans.

Moderator: Doug Jutte, MD, MPH, Executive Director, Build Healthy Places Network; Pediatrician, Professor, and Population Health Researcher, University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health


  • Will Snyder, Vice President of External Affairs, Presence Health (Asthma Pay for Performance)
  • Jan Ruma, Vice President of the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio and director of the Northwest Ohio Pathways HUB
  • Tonya Wells, CPA, Vice President of Public Policy and Federal Advocacy, Trinity Health