Pre-Conference Workshops

Join a pre-conference workshop of the Midwest Forum for Hospitals, Health Systems and Population Health the morning of Nov. 29th, 2017. Pre-conference workshops will focus on increasing skills and resources needed to implement health transformation in your community. The fee is $80 and includes continental breakfast.

1. Diving Deeper: Exploring the Democracy Collaborative’s Toolkit for Transformation

The Democracy Collaborative staff will lead this interactive pre-conference session designed to take participants on an exploration of the toolkits for transformation. With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Democracy Collaborative created these toolkits to accelerate a new model in healthcare that builds community health into core business practices. The toolkits help health systems integrate community health principles into three distinct business functions: (1) inclusive, local hiring and workforce development, (2) local and diverse sourcing; and (3) leveraging their long-term investment portfolios for community investment.

2. Evidence at Your Fingertips: Tools and Tips to Harness Evidence-Based Interventions

This pre-conference session will focus on tools and initiatives that provide evidence-based interventions that can improve population health, such as the County Health Rankings & Roadmap’s What Works for Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s HI-5 and 6/18 initiatives. Participants will be introduced to essential features of each resource along with lessons learned and examples of community organizations that have used these resources. There will be ample time to explore each resource and discuss which interventions might be suitable for your local priorities; be sure to bring a laptop or tablet.

3. Integrating Social Service Referral Systems into Healthcare: Examining Tools and Best Practices for Implementation

Healthcare institutions are implementing new systems of care and referrals to connect patients to community-based social services, including food, housing, and legal services. Many tools are being developed to assist providers in these efforts, including programs like Now Pow, Purple Binder, Health Leads and more. Hospital and health system providers will share the processes they’ve implemented to ensure successful referrals to social services, lessons learned and help participants learn ways to implement similar systems in their organizations.