Hypertension and Prevention in the Community – archived webinar

Originally presented on June 25, 2008

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In this session, presenters will provide an overview of the science and impact of hypertension on cardiovascular health and heart disease.  Addressing hypertension at the community level can be accomplished through community-wide screening efforts and follow-up.  Presenters will explain guidelines for blood pressure screenings and how to develop a community initiative for residents to ‘Get Smart’ through screenings.  Information will address all stages of planning efforts including assessment, planning, implementation and measurement.  Tool kits and many resources to support this work will be shared to assist local community organizations and health departments at organizing, marketing and scheduling screenings.  Communities who have had success with community screenings will share their experience, including tips for kicking off the initiative, developing key community partnerships and engaging the workplace.  Participants will also hear about how they can help their communities ‘Start Smart’ by learning all about the free, online physical activity tracking program.  Participants will learn how to access free ‘Start’ resources including media ads, press releases, PowerPoint presentation, flyers and much more.  Engaging the workplace in ‘Start’ can be especially effective and presenters will share what some Illinois businesses have done to improve employee health and wellness with physical activity programs.  The formal presentation will be followed by a live ‘Question and Answer’ session with the presenters.



Participants in this Web conference will be able to:

1. Explain the impact of hypertension on cardiovascular health and heart disease.
2. Identify the guidelines for blood pressure screenings and follow-up.
3. Explain how to develop a community-wide screening initiative by engaging community partners as well as at-risk populations.
4. Explain the ‘Start’ program and how individuals and workplaces can use this free tool to help them track their physical activity.
5. Access online toolkits and resources to support community efforts to conduct screenings and promote the ‘Start’ program for physical activity.


Target Audience

IPLAN coordinators, administrators, health educators, nurses, preventionists and health promoters are encouraged to participate to learn how to address cardio vascular heath and prevent heart disease through reducing hypertension and increasing physical activity.



Peggy L. Jones
Director, State Health Alliances
American Heart Association

Michael Gaines
Program Manager—Illinois Heart Disease and Stroke Program

Danucha Brikshavana
Illinois Department of Public Health

Tina Steinway
Corporate Development Director
American Heart Association

Joseph M. Harrington
Assistant Commissioner
Chicago Department of Public Health

Jan Morris
Health Department Promotion Program Manager
McLean County Health Department

Carrie Titus
Community Health Educator
Henry and Stark Counties Health Department