Rethink Your Drink: Reducing Consumption of Sugar-Loaded Beverages to Prevent Obesity

In May, 2011, the Institute of Medicine IOM) released a report Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of the Nation that shared recommendations and strategies for reversing the obesity epidemic in the United States.   One of the goals is to “create food and beverage environments that ensure that healthy food and beverage options are the routine, easy choice.  Five strategies are listed, including calling on “decision-makers in the business community/private sector, in nongovernmental organizations and at all levels of government” to “adopt comprehensive strategies to reduce over-consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.”

In addition, the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity has as a key short-term goal to mobilize, educate and advocate with community residents, leaders and policy-makers to reduce access to and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.

IPHI is working with the healthcare sector to lead the way in achieving the IAPO and IOM goals.

Rethink Your Drink:  Healthy Beverages in Healthcare

Along with our partners the American Heart Association and Healthcare Without Harm, IPHI is working with hospital and healthcare system leaders and wellness champions to focus on reducing access to sugar-loaded beverages in hospital cafeterias, vending machines, lounges and even patient trays. With IPHI’s support, in April, 2011, Vanguard Health System Chicago announced that it was eliminating all sugar-loaded beverages in its four Chicago-area hospitals and other facilities.  IPHI can provide resources, coaching, presentations and other supports to hospital leaders who want to make these types of changes.  In addition, IPHI has produced a toolkit to help healthcare organizations think about this issue and plan for changes, and a webinar for healthcare leaders to introduce the issue.  Contact Janna Simon if you are interested in starting a healthy beverage (or healthy food and beverage) initiative in your facility.

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Rethink Your Drink: Creating Healthier Beverage Environments in Health Care Systems Webinar

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Rethink Your Drink:  Sugar-Loaded Beverages and Young Children Webinar

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Rethink Your Drink Symposium: The Impact of Sugar-Loaded Beverages on Obesity Epidemic & Clinical and Environmental Strategies to Reduce Consumption

IPHI organized this first-ever symposium for medical and health professionals on the scientific evidence about the impact of sugar-loaded beverages on health, and the contribution they make to obesity and chronic disease.  Featuring scientists from across the nation, as well as practitioners taking bold action to reduce sugar-loaded beverage consumption, the symposium helped spur action among healthcare providers in Illinois.  A video of the symposium is available here or it can be viewed for continuing education credits through the American Heart Association.

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Rethink Your Drink Symposium






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Rethink Your Drink Speakers Bureau

IPHI is partnering with IAPO to help educate the public about the health effects of sugar-loaded beverages.  Designed for general audiences, this presentation can be given at community meetings and conferences on nutrition, public health or obesity. It is a great introduction to the subject for health professionals, policy makers, students and health advocates.  It covers the health impact of sugar-loaded beverages, including the impact on obesity and cardiovascular health; as well as some of the issues surrounding portion size, marketing and especially the effect on children.  If you are interested in having a presentation, or being a presenter, please contact Janna Simon.

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