Health Impact Assessment Intern

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY – Illinois Public Health Institute
Health Impact Assessment Intern
The Illinois Public Health Institute is looking for a talented Masters student to assist with a Health Impact Assessment (HIA). Candidate should be a master’s student or recent graduate in public health, public policy, planning, resource management, environmental sciences or other field with strong analytical methods.

1) Description of the project/placement/practicum
IPHI and the Chicago Department of Public Health will be starting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) with a broad group of stakeholders. The HIA will focus on planning and implementation of greenspace and urban agriculture. (More details will be available to candidates during the interview process.) HIA is a process for analyzing the potential positive and negative health impacts of a proposed policy. HIA involves engagement of diverse stakeholders and community members throughout the process. The HIA findings are used to inform the policy decision-making process and provide recommendations to mitigate health risks and maximize health benefits, particularly for those who have a potential to be most impacted.
For this HIA, potential health impacts that will be considered during scoping include: community safety; nutrition and physical activity; obesity and chronic disease; jobs, income, and economic development; social cohesion; mental health; and youth development. This intern will work alongside IPHI staff and gain hands-on experience with Health Impact Assessment.

2) Description of IPHI
The Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) is a partnership of public, private and voluntary organizations that seeks to maximize health, wellness and quality of life for the people of Illinois. IPHI administers a number of partnership-driven projects addressing specific program areas, including the Center for Community Capacity Development (CCCD), the Center for Health and Information Technology (CHIT), and the Center for Policy and Partnership Initiatives (CPPI).

3) Desirable skills and qualifications
This is an exciting, hands-on learning and training opportunity to be part of the emerging field of HIA. Desirable skills and qualifications include:

  • Strong writing and research skills
  • Understanding and applying literature from across disciplines including: public health, epidemiology, social policy, environmental management, planning, economics, etc.
  • Conducting creative research
  • Data analysis (qualitative and/or quantitative), policy analysis, GIS mapping, methods for predicting impacts
  • Participatory research
  •  Experience with community and stakeholder engagement in planning and policymaking
  • Knowledge about social determinants of health and health inequities
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

4) Location of the internship
The intern will have a designated space, with a desk and a computer at Illinois Public Health Institute, 954 West Washington, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60607.

5) Duration of the Internship
This is an unpaid position. The selected candidate will be expected to work at least 15 hours per week. The work hours will be somewhat flexible to accommodate the intern’s academic schedule and planned time off, if requested in advance. IPHI will be happy to work with the student’s institution to support course credit or practicum requirements.

6) How to apply

No phone calls, please. To apply, send the following three items
• a personalized cover letter referencing the candidate’s relevant experience and training and how they fit the internship opportunity
• a resume or curriculum vitae
• one writing sample, no longer than five pages
to Applications without all three requirements will not be considered.