Framework Internship


Internship Opportunity

Stakeholder Engagement and Research Intern

The Illinois Public Health Institute is seeking a research and program intern to support stakeholder engagement, data analysis and writing for the Illinois Framework, a multi-agency initiative to integrate and coordinate healthcare and human services information systems.

1) Description of Illinois Public Health Institute
The Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) works through partnerships to promote prevention and improve public health systems that maximize health and quality of life for the people of Illinois. IPHI administers a number of partnership-driven projects addressing specific program areas, including the Center for Community Capacity Development (CCCD), the Center for Health and Information Technology (CHIT), and the Center for Policy and Partnership Initiatives (CPPI).
This internship is in the Center for Health Information Technology, which supports meaningful application of health data systems by leading planning, incubation and implementation of policy and program initiatives. The CHIT develops and activates high-level project partnerships with a wide variety of organizations and institutions representative of multiple sectors in support of improving public health.

2) Description of the project/placement/practicum
The Illinois Framework for Healthcare and Human Services, a multi-agency collaborative, coordinates the use of technology and shared data across Illinois’ federally-funded healthcare transformation initiatives.. The Framework is one of a number of interconnected health care reform initiatives funded by the federal Affordable Care Act and seeking to support and build interoperable systems across the healthcare and human services enterprise. The impact of this this work will be felt by staff of state agencies, community-based providers and millions of Illinois residents.

In collaboration with the staff and consultants of the Stakeholder Engagement Project, the Intern will provide support to and participate in our initiative to deliver an extensive stakeholder engagement and communications initiative for Illinois’ redesign of the healthcare and human service delivery system. For the current year, the Framework Stakeholder Engagement Project is:

  • Leading stakeholder outreach, education and long-term engagement for the Illinois Framework, with the goal of broad long-term engagement of consumers, advocates, state agency staff and community providers;
  • Providing subject-matter expertise and support to the Long-Term Services and Support subcommittee of the Governor’s Office of Health Innovation and Transformation’s Alliance for Health Implementation; and
  • Supporting stakeholder engagement efforts for the Balancing Incentives Program.

These projects incorporate:

  •  In-person and online events to introduce stakeholders to the Framework and Health Systems Transformation efforts across Illinois and foster long-term engagement in the Healthcare and Human Services enterprise;
  •  Targeted focus groups to generate and analyze feedback for project planning and implementation; and
  •  Primary and secondary research to inform the stakeholder engagement process.

The IPHI Stakeholder Engagement team is frequently asked to provide short-term consultation on other healthcare reform related projects, which have included:

  •  Leading a stakeholder-driven process to develop easy-to-understand language for the website launching the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace and Application for Benefits Eligibility
  •  Leading a multi-agency assessment of state agencies and housing and service providers responsible for moving nursing home residents to more integrated community settings.

The focus of the Internship will include support for in-person and online meetings to educate stakeholders and gather feedback to support the development of recommendations on the design of new healthcare and human services systems. It can include meeting preparation and execution, qualitative and quantitative data coding and analysis, and research and report writing. Data may be made available for student analysis for academic research projects.

The exact nature of the Internship tasks will be negotiated between the Intern and the Intern Supervisor, depending on needs, skills and interests. Possible internship tasks include:


  • Apply qualitative coding schemes for large data sets and provide review and analysis.
  • Assist in recommendation development and report writing.
  • Maintain and nurture relationships with partners at state agencies, local health leaders, policy makers, stakeholder organizations, and funders.

Program coordination and content development

  • Administrative support of internal and external teams, including establishment of meeting schedules, recruitment and participant communication, creation of meeting agendas, minutes and materials, and facilitation of meetings to accomplish project goals as necessary.
  • Create and maintain libraries of tools and best practices to support programmatic work.
  • Conduct event/meeting planning, including drafting agendas and content, proposed meeting process, on and off-site logistics; meeting registration management; and development and distribution of meeting communications.
  • Coordinate and support web-based meetings and trainings using online platforms.

Outreach and communications

  •  Support development of communications materials in partnership with communications consultants and project staff.
  • Post information, materials and updates on the IPHI or Illinois Framework websites.
  • Respond to stakeholder inquires and communications.
  •  Draft research reports, white papers, background documents, fact sheets, newsletters and other organizing and communications materials.
  • Develop and maintain databases of participants, stakeholders and partners, case study informants, media and policy-makers.
  • Administrative and clerical support for all of the above tasks.

4) Skills that would be desirable to accomplish this project

Qualified applicants will possess the following: excellent verbal and written communication skills; strong organizational skills; ability to take initiative on projects; comfortable working independently and in a team; an interest in improving the public health through policy and systems change.
Additional requirements include: interest in the development and management of large-scale systems change; willingness to work on a project where the long-term impact won’t be realized during the internship; writing and editing for online communication media desirable but not required.

5) Location where the intern would be housed
The intern will have a designated space, with a desk and a computer at Illinois Public Health Institute, 954 W. Washington, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60607.

6) Duration of internship and time commitment
The duration and time commitment will be negotiated between the successful applicant and her internship supervisor, and be further defined according by the internship requirements of the student’s school. Interns will be expected to track their own hours worked and meet all negotiated requirements.
Generally, work will be carried out between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. IPHI will be happy to work with the student’s institution to support course credit or practicum requirements.

7) Compensation for the internship
This is an unpaid position.

8) How to apply
No phone calls, please. To apply, send the following three items:

  • a personalized cover letter referencing the candidate’s relevant experience and training and how they fit the internship opportunity
  • a resume or curriculum vitae
  •  one writing sample, no longer than five pages

to Applications without all three requirements will not be considered.

9) Equal Opportunity Employer
The Illinois Public Health Institute is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity. We commit to our coworkers, applicants and community to have internships and job opportunities open to everyone equally. It is the policy and practice of IPHI not to discriminate against any coworker or applicant on hiring decisions or career advancement because of race, color, religion national origin, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, status as a disabled veteran, veteran of the Vietnam Era, or any other personal characteristic which is not a relevant qualification to the specific position.