Register to listen: Webinar on supporting daily P.E. programs

On January 24th, the Illinois Public Health Institute and the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity hosted a webinar, Dropping the ball on daily P.E.? Get rolling with tips & tricks to creatively fit high-quality daily P.E. into the school day for ALL students! 

Download a recording of the webinar here. Registration required.

Description: Districts across the state are implementing daily P.E. programs and seeing the return on investment! Join this webinar for tools and resources that can help support your daily P.E. programs. Also hear stories from the field on ways to overcome perceived challenges and barriers to implementing daily P.E.

Specifically, this webinar:

  • Explained why daily P.E. matters for academic achievement, behavior & health
  • Provided practical tips for overcoming the challenges of implementing high-quality, daily P.E., from scheduling ideas to maximizing limited space/equipment
  • Shared stories from the field – real life examples of ways schools and P.E.   teachers have overcome perceived challenges and barriers to daily P.E.
  • Provided information on additional upcoming learning opportunities!

Target audience: School superintendents, administrators, principals and P.E. teachers!

One CPDU hour is available for this webinar. Email for the required paperwork.