Highlights from the Midwest Forum on Hospitals, Health Systems and Population Health

The Midwest Forum on Hospitals, Health Systems and Population Health brought together 350+ stakeholders from across the nation that are driving community health improvement through innovative partnerships between health care, public health, and other sectors. Read a summary of the meeting and insights from attendees on Twitter!

Welcome and Opening Plenary

The U.S. healthcare delivery system is in a period of dynamic change – how can we leverage this change to achieve healthier people, better outcomes, and health equity? In the opening plenary, speakers challenged the audience to think about what the future holds for the healthcare system’s role in population health.

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

The forum featured 24 concurrent sessions showcasing innovative initiatives that are improving community health across the Midwest. Speakers shared lessons learned on a range of topics, including building strategic partnerships with other sectors, coordinating clinical and social services, and improving the sustainability of community health initiatives.

Show Me the Money: Innovation in Health Care Financing to Address Social Determinants of Health

Achieving the Triple Aim—improving patient experience, improving population health, and reducing costs—is inextricably linked to how we pay for health care, how we organize incentives, and how we support healthy communities. In this plenary, panelists described how health systems are partnering with communities on innovative ways to invest in solutions addressing the social determinants of health.

The Heart of the Matter: Busting Silos for the Children of Flint

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha is widely hailed as a hero of the Flint, MI water crisis. Drawing on her work using health system data to identify the Flint water crisis and inequities, she discussed lessons learned around collaboration and partnerships, the role hospitals and health systems can play, and the crucial need to engage and listen to communities most impacted by structural inequities.

Innovative Partnerships: Collaborating for Healthy and Equitable Communities

What happens outside the walls of a health facility has more impact on population health than what happens inside. In this plenary, panelists discussed how hospitals and health systems are partnering with each other, and building relationships with new partners from other sectors to begin to address unmet needs in communities that can’t be solved alone.

Health Transformation Policy: National Trends and Direction

This session explored the new landscape of healthcare and public health policy. Panelists discussed how the federal government is approaching population health through the healthcare delivery system, and how states are implementing innovative policies to enhance community health through healthcare transformation.

Closing and Reflection

By the end of the forum, participants were energized with new ideas that could be applied in their communities. Renee closed by saying, “Population is our what. Health equity is our why,” and encouraged attendees to take what they learned to work towards a shared goal of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be healthy.