Pump Up P.E.: Fitness Testing Reporting Spreadsheet Hacks

The final version of the Illinois-specific FREE fitness testing reporting spreadsheet is available at the Illinois State Board of Education’s Enhanced P.E. webpage (under Quick Links, file name: IL Physical Fitness Assessment Data Collection Template).

We’ve been getting lots of questions from P.E. teachers across the state on how to use the free Illinois reporting Excel spreadsheet and wanted to share some of those answers/tips:

  • Make sure to save the spreadsheet on your computer after your download it. If you simply download and start working on it without saving it to a specific place, it will be difficult to retrieve when you close out of it.
  • When you open it, a bar may appear at the top with a button to Enable Editing. You must click that button for the spreadsheet to function properly.
  • Review the instructions on tabs 1 (for the reporting grades: 5,7, & 10) and 2 (all other grades).
  • This spreadsheet will automatically calculate your students’ zone statuses (HFZ or NI zones). Put the student scores in the colored “Assessment” column for the corresponding fitness component/test and the zone status will automatically populate in the white “Results” columns.
    • Tip: You must put M or F for gender, not write out male or female in order for it to work properly.
    • Note: You do not need to collect height/weight to get a student’s zone status for the PACERs (Aerobic Capacity tests). Just input the student’s gender, age and number of laps and the spreadsheet will automatically generate the student’s status based on an estimate of his/her V02 max score. You will need to collect height and weight to get the V02 max/zone status if you do the Mile Run test.
  • There is a tally box at the bottom of each of the spreadsheet’s tabs that will automatically populate the totals for each test – providing you with the exact information that must be reported to the state.
    • Note: Brockport scores are tallied separately in the tally box but you will roll those scores back into the total aggregate scores when you report to the state.
  • The Student Health Data – Fitness Testing area of the ISBE Web Security Application (IWAS) is now open. Fitness testing scores must be uploaded by June 30th. Data must be inputted by school and will be done by a district-level staff person or by school staff people but the latter must be approved by the district.

Still have questions? Review ISBE’s FAQ on Fitness Testing. If you still have questions, email Sarah.Chusid@iphionline.org.