IPHI and MPHI to Serve as National Coordinating Office for Data Across Sectors for Health

The Illinois Public Health Institute, in partnership with the Michigan Public Health Institute, was recently selected by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to serve as the National Coordinating Office (NCO) for a new initiative to foster multi-sector information systems to improve community health.

Connections among public health, health care, human services and other sectors can improve communities’ capacity for planning, prioritizing, monitoring, innovation, and rapid response for healthier and more resilient populations. Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) aims to identify and share learnings to move the field toward action.

DASH will identify barriers, opportunities, promising practices and indicators of progress for multi-sector collaborations to connect information systems and share data for community health improvement. The DASH National Coordinating Office will execute activities that support those collaborations and the field:

  • Monitoring the environment, including an environmental scan to document existing and emerging multi-sector collaborations, and developing indicators of progress for the field
  • Providing technical assistance and facilitating collaborative learning to support grantees and other stakeholders in the field
  • Communicating lessons learned, promising practices, barriers, opportunities, and indicators of progress among grantees and with stakeholders across the nation
  • Convening a DASH advisory group of thought leaders to provide guidance on the selection of grantees, expertise on emerging research, and input on communications to the field
  • Networking across various sectors, leaders, partners, grantees, and stakeholders to build relationships within the field and connect grantee collaborations to expertise and resources

DASH’s immediate focus is to develop a deeper understanding of the field. The environmental scan will identify existing and emerging multi-sector collaborations and develop indicators of progress for the field through a literature review, key informant interviews and a survey. If you would like more information about the environmental scan or other DASH activities, please contact DASH@iphionline.org.

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