New Rethink Your Drink and HEAL Act Materials!


In 2014, the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity (IAPO) launched the Rethink Your Drink educational campaign to educate Illinoisans on the harmful effects of consuming sugar-sweetened beverages and healthier beverage options.

IAPO has now released updated Rethink Your Drink materials for 2015. Check these out!


Help spread the word with the Rethink Your Drink poster, available in English or Spanish, great for hanging in schools, clinics, workplace lunch rooms/vending areas, or after-school programs.



Handout the Rethink Your Drink Brochure (also available in Spanish) to give community members helpful tips for choosing healthier options.


SufferUse this educational postcard to help people see just how much sugar is in sugary drinks and how that impacts their health.


Infographic: Sugary Beverages by the Numbers 


Healthy Eating + Active Living Act Resources



Healthy Eating + Active Living Fact Sheet







Healthy Eating + Active Living Frequently Asked Questions




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