Health in All Policies Training Introduces an Analysis of the Role of Health in the Policy Decision-Making Process

The Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) worked collaboratively with the Oregon Public Health Institute (OPHI), the Northern Illinois  Public Health Consortium (NIPHC) , the Illinois Association of Public Health Administrators (IAPHA),  the Illinois Department of Public Health, and County Health Rankings to conduct a series of trainings in Springfield, IL and Chicago, IL on Health in All Policies. This consisted of an introduction to concepts which demonstrated utilization of root cause analysis to identify social determinants of health inequity and their community impact.

A Health Impact Assessment helps to determine the effects of a proposed policy or programs and determines the range of health effects on the population. Using input from community stakeholders and reviewing and analyzing data, a Health Impact Assessment provides recommendations on ways to mitigate adverse outcomes and monitor the effects of implementation. An overview of Health Impact Assessments was done to provide guidance of how and when it is used along with a step-by-step introduction of the process and case study examples from previous assessments.

Resources for other approaches to Health in All Policies were reviewed to provide alternate methods for assessment with consideration for a varied range of community resources and time frames. Group collaboration was encouraged to reflect on opportunities for Health in All Policies in participants’ communities and methods of application.

IPHI will partner with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) once again for a repeat series of this training this summer in southern Illinois and Chicago, IL. Please check back for updates.

Click here for Health in All Policies tools as well as Health Impact Assessment guides and groups.