GOHIT Webinar Series: Learn about the Alliance for Health Innovation Plan

GOHIT logoThe Governor’s Office of Health Innovation and Transformation (GOHIT) is initiating a Resources Webinar Series.  This series will highlight state and community resources that align with and can support the Alliance for Health Innovation Plan.

In spring 2013, Illinois received a $2 million six-month planning grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to study the state’s public health and medical care systems and develop new approaches to organize and pay for them. These system and payment reforms are intended to achieve the “triple aim” of the Affordable Care Act: improve the health status of people and their communities, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical care, and reduce costs to make health care affordable.

Elissa Bassler, CEO of the Illinois Public Health Institute, participated as a charter member of the Illinois Alliance for Health.

The GOHIT Resources webinars will occur on the first Friday of every month at 11am, unless otherwise noted. Presentations are open to the public, and you are encouraged to share this opportunity with colleagues and partners.


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