It’s Rethink Your Drink Month in Illinois!

RethinkYourDrink_Poster_Final (3)The Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity (IAPO) has declared January 13 – February 13 “Rethink Your Drink Month” in Illinois. With sugary beverages making up 46% of added sugars in the American diet, IAPO is encouraging residents to “go on green,” drinking beverages with less than 5 (1.25 teaspoons) grams of sugar per 12 ounces and to “stop on red” with drinks that have 12 (3 teaspoons) grams or more of sugar per 12 ounces.

Did you know…?

  • Just one sugar-sweetened beverage per day increases an adult’s risk of becoming overweight by 27% and a child’s risk of obesity increases 60% with every additional serving of sody per day.
  • Obesity is linked to chronic diseases like coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes and various cancers.
  • Women who drink one or more sugar-sweetened beverages per day have an 83 percent higher risk of type 2 diabetes, compared to women who drink less than one sugar-sweetened beverage per month.

Cutting down on sugar-sweetened beverages and drinking more water is one of the easiest ways to make changes that will benefit your health!

  • Swap sugary drinks for water, seltzer water and low-fat/skim milk. Think water is boring? Think again! Here are easy recipes to add some pizazz:
  • Become a label reader: Beware of hidden sugars and watch portion sizes. The average 20-ounce soda is 2.5 portions and has 16 teaspoons of sugar. Would you put that much in your coffee?

How to calculate sugar content: Grams divided by 4=Teaspoons of sugar.

  • Environments matter: Help your worksite, your child’s school, or your local park district make healthier options more convenient and affordable – Ask them to offer more healthy options and fewer unhealthy options, increase the price of sugary beverages and decrease the price of water, and provide only healthy options during meetings and events.
  • Share this information with others via your social networks: How much sugar are we drinking? A typical 20-ounce soda contains 15 to 18 teaspoons of sugar. Learn more @

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